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Videos on luthiery to tools, workshop tips to quick useful projects. Anything and everything useful from out on the Internets!

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  1. Swirling a custom multiscale Strat with Magic Marble paints

    Respected forum member @pan_kara (Traq Guitars) shows us his simple but effective approach to swirl painting a guitar!

    By Prostheta,

  2. Sully's Guitar Garage - Shipping Guitars Safely

    @jsullysix gives practical real-world advice on packing a guitar for shipping!

    By ProjectGuitar.com,

  3. SG Kit Review (pt 1&2)

    Kit builds are a common entry point into making guitars from scratch, and excellent way to gain experience. Forum member Megan (@M3521) thoroughly examines an SG kit guitar, demonstrating an excellent checklist and comparisons to the instrument that the kit is pattern from which can be applied to any kit guitar. Essential viewing!

    By ProjectGuitar.com,

  4. Separate Conductors From Braided Wires in 25s!

    What might seem obvious to some might not be to others. Who's spent ages teasing apart braided shields or pushing them back to get at the wires?

    By Prostheta,

  5. New Searls Guitars video

    ProjectGuitar.com member Allan Searls has truly stepped up his custom guitar work. His years of hard work have truly paid off, with truly sublime custom work coming out of his shop!

    By ProjectGuitar.com,

  6. Easy Guitar Wall Hangers

    Jon Peters' YouTube channel details his version of a simple and elegant wooden guitar wall hanger. Are your basic hand woodworking skills up to this challenge?

    By ProjectGuitar.com,

  7. BigDGuitars setting up shop again

    Derek (@bigdguitars) is setting up a new shop....just about the same time as we ourselves are starting another one also!

    By ProjectGuitar.com,