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  2. So today was a particularly bad day in the world of Ash’s guitars. After my daughter helped me sand the top - she did a fantastic job i had a go at rerouting the pot recesses and catastrophe struck. Massive irreparable tearout i could in theory fix this with wood filler, but that will mean the area won’t take stain and a solid colour isn’t an option. So I jointed and glued a new top tonight, I haven’t decided whether to plane this top off the body or to remake the whole body with a view to reuse this one with a solid finish. havent told the owner yet, im tempted to just see if he notices
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  4. Fabulous job again Andy. I've not been keeping up with the basschat builds recently - I assume it's from there (In fact I've not been on the forum much at all lately)
  5. You're off to a great start with that collection. Welcome!
  6. Lovely clean work as usual. That combination looks particularly gorgeous
  7. Its all good. I like metal. I like the Sword (even though the last two albums have been trippy). And I haven't updated it enough so this is all good.
  8. Yeah but the worn area seem more "yellow" than the (red) mahogany itself....It's got a, for lack of a better term, "bleached" look to it.... I have some mahogany scraps..... "SCIENCE" time....
  9. Side dots and a bit of end grain sanding. That is all Edit: Oh, and we're going for tru-oil finish
  10. that is the positive lead for the battery... both pickups have to have pos leads touching battery... if not... they no worky. how you connect them... wire nut, solder/shrink-tube, just twist them... is up to you.
  11. Searching by the image I could find several ones where the black bar is marked with a text "All red wires join here". So apparently yes, soldering and isolating the join with heat shrink tubing or electric tape is a viable option. Crimp tube is another. A knot is not.
  12. Hey, I need some help with this classic set. Bought this set used and my question is can I solder these two red wires together demonstrated in the picture? At the moment the red wires that connect together from the pickups and then are supposed to continue to the battery - are separated. In the schematic the black thing holds these red wires together. Easiest way would be just to solder dem red wires together. Any advise? Thanks
  13. Hey Brett - you had a thread or something going on around here someplace didn't you?
  14. not surprised... i listen to kingdom over and over... my lanta that guys voice still gives me chills every time. I wore out my tape of touching tongues... no idea what he's saying but man alive can he sing. back then I didn't even realize he played guitar. rarely a singer that sounds equally good with that screaming tone as with a smooth note. afa queensryche... one of my fav recordings of him was "We're stars" in the 80s... "Hearing aid". only a few bars but man... I don't think he got enough credit for his powerful voice. another guy who can just scream or go clean and equally great.
  15. Glad you got it solved using the right solvent.
  16. Devin used to blow his voice out regularly on tour, and then around (2001, the time Terria and the first DTB album I think) he started to use his voice correctly instead of putting his foot to the floor every night. Still, the sacrifices made to get the recording of City done was nothing short of amazing. Total jet engine vocals. I wore out two tape copies of Operation: Mindcrime when I was a teenager. Still an awesome album from start to finish to this day. Geoff Tate can't quite hit the mark these days but still has that distinctiveness.
  17. Either that or spraying tinted lacquer on a base layer, then sanding partially through it while leveling, then adding a final coat.
  18. 'twould be a rather long wait,,,,, And talk about making promises you don't have to keep. If only I could get her to promise to spend the night in December.... SR
  19. @ScottR said it would be an LP Jr. But there are other, even filthier scenarios. Solid neck-through white limba. But this is for another day.
  20. Bottled 6G of my imperial porter, Cask of Cthulhu. 14%, bourbon barrel aged and madagascar vanilla beans. 5G more to go.
  21. to quote victor creed- oooh shiny! regarding QR/kiss tour-i saw that show 11/29/84 @broome county areana binghampton ny. Alot of Syracuse metal heads made that trip more for QR than Kiss. i might even have a bootleg cassette of that show but if I recall correctly the audio quality sucks-you had to hide microphones at kiss shows- that is for sure. i still hold that QR ep as one of the best metal albums ever- prog or not. i wasnt really a QR fan much after the second album- I sort of didnt like the direction a lot of metal went after 82/83ish. i am sort of stuck in that 67-83 time zone with smatterings of stuff here and there from late 80s, 90s etc. occasionally i find stuff on you tube or thru the youngins that work my fav local pkg store- I just got turned onto The Sword recently. Modern day sabbath. too bad I am like 10 years behind finding out about them.
  22. right on... looks like a pretty rock solid way to do it. perhaps more effort than typical but looks like it would result in more precision than typical. I'm going to keep it in the back of my mind. I usually use penny nails, just drill a hole through once I have it clamped and push the nail in... then pull them once glued... but the nails do somewhat get in the way of clamping. Long story short... I like your method!
  23. Remind me not to enter GOTM when this one is entered. LOL!! Very Nice Scott. mk
  24. If I were doing that, I'd wipe on the stain, then selectively wipe it away with solvent leaving the distressed look. Then shoot satin or matte polyurethane over that. SR
  25. I never picked up on the Italian similarities before. Now I always will. Looking forward to seeing your logo in action. SR
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