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  2. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    They'll be coming in around the 5th of Dec. They want to ship after the Holiday so there isn't any delay in delivery. Obviously I'm to unpack it and freezer it immediately. Shipping in dry ice.
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  4. Oak for body

    I'm still getting my head around my first customised kit build. I wouldn't know where to begin on that topic but it has nothing to do with oak or even the guitar body so unless I feel like public self-disembowelment at some point in another thread, I'll say no more about it. As for the oak body, I ordered the pictured lump and it should arrive next week. I am still working on the design but it has gone from scribble to pencil drafts 1 & 2 to an Illustrator document. I'm fairly confident in the concept but I have absolutely no experience with a router (not the networking pronunciation). I'm going to spend the next couple of days making templates and maybe, by the time the wood arrives, I will have mustered the bottle to give it shape.
  5. Ooh - that's better! £40 from eBay and well worth it. Lovely steady light and much brighter than the fluorescent it replaced
  6. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Almost time to get under that house and level it. I cleaned up around it so I can get under there. I know you're thinking "Fuck." and I am too, but in a few days I'll get under there and see about the foundation. Keep in mind I was under it a mere 10 years ago and the wood beams were in great shape. Water has been turned off since then, so I doubt it's any different now. I'll make final determination to proceed or give up at that point. Obviously there are some superficial exterior wood issues ,but the inside is surprisingly dry and the rafters in the attic are superb. Some rot underneath some windows. I intend to re-use all windows and doors.
  7. I might try that at some stage, the white outline could save it a bit - but for now I think I'll just go back to the black pickguard. Hopefully soon. Wetsanding and buffing has started. For the record: I finished fixing photo references, this thread has all the pictures back, where possible.
  8. I've had elk and liked it, better than venison IMO. Never tried bear though. SR
  9. KEA 2017 builds

    Wow! You've made good use of your time! SR
  10. One day very soon GOTM locks tomorrow, so it will be in the December one - guaranteed!
  11. Oak for body

    C'mon now. This wouldn't be a legitimate Projectguitar thread if there wasn't a hijack going on somewhere. Ahem... Carry on, @Flamesong
  12. Oak for body

    Actually I'm taking this further now, the hannes thing was my first try and it didn't get anywhere (which was my fault as it appears). But now I want to be able to test pretty much anything (within reason) - fretwire type, nut material etc etc - ending with the wood choice if the method works fine. BTW Andrew, what you mention is exactly what I'm doing - taking the player out of the equation. Not with mechanical devices but by describing the situation in a way that cancels out the player (more precisely - is insensitive to the initial conditions for the vibrating string). So, shall we wrap up our thread hijack? We can discuss all of this in my thread and I'm waiting to see @Flamesong's oak body !
  13. One day we're going to see the whole guitar instead of just little glimpses of it.
  14. KEA 2017 builds

    Hope all is well with you. Ive been incredibly busy with my new job and other life stuff. Some good, some difficult. I usually only have a few hours of free time on my days off. But just thought i'd share the couple of things ive done on my days off the past couple months.
  15. Oak for body

    @pan_kara is doing some interesting experiments at the moment on the differences in sound between a high-end Schaller Hannes bridge and a cheap no-name one on the same guitar. Very interesting to read about. That's actually one thing I haven't seen mentioned in any discussions regarding the differences in sound between timbers. A method describing how to remove that most variable part of the equation - the player. Some kind of mechanical contraption that replicates the action of a pick striking a string repeatedly with no variation between strikes would go a long way to validating some tests on the effect wood imparts on the sound of the guitar. The best I've seen to date is a ruler swung down onto the string from a fixed height.
  16. Oak for body

    Yep, I understand. I was being facetious (hence the winky-smiley face at the end of my comment). Maybe I should've said 'if you gave a drummer a guitar painted in an opaque...' I reckon there just wasn't enough mojo in your banjo. Or maybe not enough beer at rehearsal...or too much, even?
  17. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Happy Thanksgiving. I found this place online(elkusa) to buy different meats because I'm really tired of briskets and turkeys...so for Christmas I'll be cooking either an Elk roast or a Bear roast. I ordered a few of both so I could try them and see which my Mom might like better. I did run the idea past her and she's up for it.
  18. Last week
  19. Oak for body

    I wouldn't take it that far, I'd just say that how the guitar influences the player can have a bigger impact of that the listener gets to hear than things like the components/wood/etc That depends how much he'd be willing to trust you Of course we can take everything to the extreme and of course there are differences in sound between guitars. My point was just to mention another factor that could play a role. I do have a guitar that I brought to a rehearsal once and all the band complained about how crappy it sounds. (It wasn't the pickup, I put a pickup that I used in another guitar for many years before and nobody ever complained). One day I'll try to figure out what's wrong with that guitar exactly.
  20. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Thank you so much for your words PSIKOT, they encourage me to follow doing as good work as possible. You build excellent guitars too. So as to finish, I like colourful tops, but you are right about a sunburst and trans black I had thought about that, I really love black guitars, and it will combine with the ebony headstock veneer and would allow the veins of the mapple be visible. Today I've been working on the strat body routings. The job is no complete, but I was delayed cause had to do the electronics cavities templates and as you know is always a tedious job, but the result is quite wood. Some pics of the advances:
  21. No worries! I should have figured you made them, but now I know to look for L aluminium profiles to help me on my way. Loving what you did with the Hannes too - great solution to make it multiscale.
  22. Osorio - The four years gap

    ohhhhh the BASES!!! sorry my bad! the bases I prototype myself with an L aluminum profile!
  23. Here's wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I will not be online for a few days. MK
  24. Oak for body

    Sustain, at least, is something that can be measured. A plectrum attached to a mechanical device (to remove human error) and a VU meter ought to be all that is required to make a rudimentary but objective measurement. I spent a little of the last day trying to find a definitive answer to the best wood for sustain argument but even Wikipedia wimped out by saying, extremely vaguely, that it depended on the wood. Elsewhere, however, reading between the rhetoric, I think that I am not far wrong with my hardness theory. By the way, I'm not really concerned about sustain - its enhancement would add little to my playing style, it was merely a factor which was repeatedly mentioned whilst trying to discover why oak is frowned upon as a guitar tone wood and in those articles which I found that analysed different woods tonally, oak is not even mentioned.
  25. Can you show me where? The VS100, when I google it, has a one-piece base but yours are individual bases for each saddle.
  26. Osorio - The four years gap

    tks woden! i've buyed two Wilkinson vs100 ro do these ones!
  27. Lovely work, well done. Please tell me where you found those individual Wilkinson saddle bases - they are exactly what I'm looking for to finish a prototype fanned fret model I'm halfway through.
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