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  2. 24 Magnum

    Awsome. Like the headstock, finishes, all of it. The story leaves me speechless. You are very brave.
  3. Alright - just sprayed the new CF fiddleback that I cast this week with better "onlays". Mold was a real pain to hit the 9.5" radius, but got it, however, it cast with a twist, so had to grind off quite a bit in the opposite two corners prior to coating. PRS uses Dichrolam in their bird inlays, and it is elegant, but I had to show them how its done. Everything went exactly as I outlined in my July 13th post above so far, except that I just ordered two diamond blades with .023" kerfs, so fretting might be easier.
  4. Finished pics! Ultra-modern bass build

    Wow - it took the last day til now to catch up on your progress. If there was an award for most outside-the-box design, I think you nailed it, and with grace. Fine work - lots of times I thought "millenium falcon-esque"
  5. Today
  6. OK - time to throw down the gauntlet. And yes - it doesn't have the awesome dozens of strings and slanted frets of Knightro's Exploder; it doesn't have the heart stopping effect of StratsRdivine's John Blazy; it doesn't have the beautiful finish, colour or photo of beautiful lady holding it of 2.5itim's N12; nor does it have the stupendous back of boroducci's Axim Alpha; it doesn't even have the ash-ridden loveliness of verhoevenc's Model1 bolt-on.... ...but, ladies and gentlemen, it does, surely, have something.... Love it or loathe it - but you certainly can't ignore it, I present the Psilos ultra-modern bass It is a custom build for a member of the UK-based Basschat forum, Mick. His concept, my interpretation, lady luck's blessing and Einstein's unsolved paradox. Spec is: Scale: 34" Woods: Sycamore / Maple / Ebony Pickups: Under-saddle piezo + hidden magnetic coils (one per string) through an East UK pre-amp/mixer Controls and Tuners: Headless tuner system and full suite of controls fully accessible but hidden from front view Finish: Osmo Raw 3044 Weight: Just a touch over 7lbs Sounds wonderful; sits just right on the strap; sits just as comfortably over the knee Like it or maybe think it's just downright weird, you just know this deserves your vote.... Andy
  7. 24 Magnum

    Gorgeous, Chris!
  8. 24 Magnum

    OK, shooting the clear. Still have a couple coats to shoot on the back this evening. Learned something new yesterday. It was 95 F. in my shop, but humidity was low, around 50% so I thought I didnt need to use retarder. I shot one coat a bit heavy and it formed all kinds of bubbles under the surface. A bit of reading showed me that in temps like that it skinned over too fast for the solvents to escape so they formed bubbles. Waited till it hardened and then sanded it off. Re-shot it with a little retarder and lighter coats and didnt get the bubbles. I thought retarder was just to prevent blushing in high humidity, but I was wrong Still learning... Used timbermate for mahogany to grain fill, but darkened it with trans-tint tobacco brown I like the darker fill in the pores.
  9. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Made a jig to cut the brass tubing to 7mm, then cleaned them up using a little dowel chucked into a cordless drill. Made 12 of these ... need 10, but who knows. Next used the "plug-cutter bit" I made ... it works, after a fashion. Found if I didn't clean it out ever millimeter, it would start burning, then found that if I drilled right next to a previous hole, it would work a lot better. Will make about 20 of these tomorrow, and choose which ones look best. Next up is the side markers ... 3mm brass tubing with Padauk center. IF I can make a plug 2mm in diameter!
  10. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Epoxied the carbon fiber rods into the neck. (I love Summer Vacation!)
  11. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Kudos to @ScottR for the 3M on a plane. Used my old Stanley #5-1/2, and worked like a dream. I was getting close to my goal of 6.15mm nut to 6.65mm heel, and being very careful, but this was the difference between very close and exactly on target. Yay!
  12. Nice Tip!! Used 3M on my #5-1/2 today, and was perfect for finishing the pinstriped Wenge fretboard. I was pretty close just eyeball/sand/measure/eyeball/etc. but the flatness of the plane plus the weight plus the handles made it exact! Thank you!!
  13. Finished pics! Ultra-modern bass build

    Wow....I'm very flattered. Thank you very much for the kind words
  14. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Seems to be the favoured choice. Thanks mattharris75
  15. Congratulations Andy, I really admire the innovative approach you took here... probably the most interesting build I've ever seen in terms of design... plus the fact that you didn't use a computer in the whole process, which makes it even more interesting.
  16. I can drink to that. Here's cheers
  17. Finished pics! Ultra-modern bass build

    Well as it took twice as long as the previous one, I reckon it warrants two rounds. My round first, yours second?
  18. Damn fine work there, Andy. You've got to be pretty chuffed how that turned out. Your shout or mine?
  19. Hey cool, I guess that means I work for you, boss.
  20. ยก Have the same problem with my phone but my Android tablet teathered to my phone has no problem. Honestly I have been thinking about selling my bike I just haven't rode much lately
  21. Yesterday
  22. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    I'll be a third, then. I find that it sands quite nicely, though I don't find the smell so appealing.
  23. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Nearly forgot; going back to those SS colour mock-ups I recently posted. I had decided to go with the yellow, but whilst messing around with the images I came up with this orange which I'm quite drawn towards. Thoughts - yellow or orange?
  24. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Further progress on the latest DC and SS (formerly referred to as the "Dinky-style") builds. The bodies are now ready for finish sanding and I started the first neck carve today - on which you can now see the final colour of that Dark Birch with the help of some spirits... The SS is an archtop with the same deep scoop in the lower cutaway... Dark Birch and Wenge neck - the Dark Birch is a similar colour to the lighter Wenge grain...
  25. Man the CNC rebuild is kicking my ass. Have had to take it completely apart, even the main frame. It is now nothing but aluminum parts, nuts and bolts. Having to build a new base table, then have to start from scratch with the frame and reuse the materials. almost everything will be changing in dimension so a lot of cutting aluminum. Glad I got a new sliding chop saw, have a non ferrous blade coming in the next few days. Oh well, it will be much better once done. mk
  26. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Sierra Torpedo (old stand by), and Goose Island Sofie. A couple maintenance beers to get me through the dog days of summer and fuel some serious XBOX time.
  27. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    When I first saw this I doubted the fretboard, because Wenge can be such a PITA. But holy cow is it beautiful. Great work.
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