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  4. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    so far I have like the 2 Hop Concept beers I have tried- this one is their Mosaic and Eureka hopped IPA. Very nice. drinks less like an IPA and more like i dont know- but something not IPAish about it- despite 8% abv. me likes it
  5. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    I have never had a white wine from Mosel area of Germany I didnt like. All of them have been great. But I like the greasy/minerally kinda thing going on with those grapes. I love Piesporter Michelsberg. The Spatlese and Auslese pickings of Riesling grapes as well. Will be interested in hearing how that one tastes- but I must admit the petrol comment was less than desirable.
  6. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    she never gets the gecko. But some of the attempts have been hilarious. 2.5 years didnt count cause I took a vacation
  7. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Nina any myself are taking a comedy chance on a litre bottle of Riesling white wine we found. Normally they come in at 750ml, so the litre size could be perceived as a bargain buy volume. It wasn't cheap though. In spite of the plastic bottle. The cap was plastic too. It opened like it was designed by IKEA. Nonetheless it seems to have won awards. Probably design awards or maybe some self-funded group of backslappers? https://www.alko.fi/en/products/941018/Frame-Riesling-Trocken-plastic-bottle "Dry, acidic, white peach notes, citrus notes, mineral notes, minerally, hint of petrol, herbal notes" You seriously cannot make this shit up.
  8. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    ....totally joking of course Wow, excellent save. Really. Thankfully it wasn't the worst of breaks to have to repair, and you did it properly. A bit of experience gained and the bass now has some history to it in addition to the fives years and five thousand beers it took you to get to this point.
  9. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    Did she get the gecko then?
  10. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Oh man, just had a lovely bottle of Weston's Old Rosie. A standard off the shelf cloudy cider, but a killer one and always has been.
  11. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Alesmith IPA from AleSmith Brewing out of San Diego California 7.25%abv- 73 IBUs This is definitely a west coast style IPA with bitter pine/resin flavor at the back end- but way smoother than say a Green Flash West Coast. I like this one- and I am not overly fond of the west coast style cascade and chinook hopped style "pine tar"/Resinous type IPAs any more. I used to like them- but with SO many good juicy citrusey IPAs out there- I think my taste buds are going thru a change of pace. Still though- for this style of IPA- this is excellent.
  12. Ken Lawrence Chamber Brase Bass Copy

    so- this one has been sitting out in the garage for a bit- it was too hot out there to work, but I left this out there "bleeding" the oil from that heel. Then one day Pearl the wonder dog, was being let out by my wife to do her business on a leash, and said wonder dog spotted a lizard- or gecko- -whatever they are. The little 3-6 inch things. Now-Pearl's favorite activity in the world is hunting lizards. So- when she spotted this one on the garage floor- she went for it. long story short the bass took a nice tumble from workbench (it was on a flip up extension on one of my benches)- to the floor, and split the headstock along the grain in two places and a nice dent in the tip and side of the headstock. Luckily- it landed on the headstock- and the body ended up on a piece of patio furniture (we had to bring in all our deck and underdeck furniture due to IRMA into the garage (I am getting a new roof by the way- woot) So- it sat, and sat and I finally dealt with it. here is the result. Sorry about the lousy phone pic- my dslr is currently touring Canada with a relative who asked to borrow it. can you tell where the splits were? I sanded it reasonably back to "shape" its a bit off I know- but- considering it had two splits going towards that top tuner hole. I say I got lucky. This is a beater anyway made from homedepot wood- but still-- that sort of sucked, and at this point in my life- I would prefer to avoid guitar repair during guitar building (especially during guitar finishing. i just dont have a ton of free time to deal with repairs. Such is building I guess for a hack like me. So lets see- this has had a snapped truss rod repair, steamed out dents in the front, split the headstock, and repaired, and I still havent strung it up yet. Some things are cursed.
  13. Not Your Momma's Strat......

    It's like opening birthday presents, only to finish the last one and getting back to the first again! woo
  14. Once again, don't mind me. I'm beginning to replace the pix that Photobucket is holding for ransom in my next thread back...in reverse order. The bump is to make it easier for me to find when I sit down for the next installment. SR
  15. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    The orange evil has stained my tablet screen. Damn you Padauk! Those oils even contaminate the Interwebs.
  16. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Nah, just a shallow cut to get the angle to the pegs. Will probably be at least 2X that depth, then tweak, then reshape and polish outside and slots. This is my first 6-string brass nut, but love the one on the Chinaberry bass. I kinda like to let it get tarnished, except keep the top shiny. We'll see how the Padauk color changes, and whether I will pamper this guitar ... or allow it to "slow-relic."
  17. Limba 6 Multiscale Filter'Tron

    Was pondering how to thickness the neck before carving. The Limba 6 will be a soft-V profile, and the other (to be announced) Padauk will be a C profile. I don't have a bandsaw, and rasping it down is tedious ... and potentially uneven. I had some other work to do on a gift to my daughter, so used the router table with a 12mm radius roundover bit, then a dishing bit to give me a 25mm neck thickness as a starting point for the carves. Next, marked centerlines and a pair of reference lines, just to get me in the ballpark. We'll see how this works out! And notice the brace? Got tendinitis ... top of my right thumb is numb, and any extension is REALLY painful. Was prescribed Loxoprophen Sodium, and 3 days later seems to be getting better. Life goes on ... but after 60 there are (ahem) issues.
  18. Question for Curtisa

    Hey Curtisa thanks for the response. After checking that video I think it sounds pretty much like it's supposed to. On that fly guitars web site they had sound clips for a 400. http://www.flyguitars.com/sounds/1971_SB-400[both10-10]f_rw.mp3 Also this video at about 6:00 minutes in Once again Thank You for your help and knowledge!
  19. Mr_Riddlers build thread

    Got it. I appreciate the explanation. Sometimes I can't turn off my job.
  20. Last week
  21. Thanks very much for the friendly welcome! To be honest, in first line I just had no motivation to make another template for routing the cavity.. and... some of these artistic CNC made chambered bodies influenced me so that i tried to make one by my own with the given simple possibilities. Yes, the wood shown on the first pic is just the template. Got it from the hardware store as a scrap piece for little money... but yeah, it is looking cool, too. 8-) I'm working as an electrical engineer where there's no place for art. So i have to live out my other half after work You guessed right: drop top over forearm relief! As the top wood I've chosen a piece of "flamed pearwood" (don't know the correct term, but you can imagine what i mean?): First the two peaces had to be planed to thickness and jointed together (did i mention my No.4? ;-) )Then i've cutted out the body shape and routed some channels to make the drop top bending easier: I've bend the top over the edge using water, heat gun, and a pack of clamps. After that the top has been glued to the body with tidebond (apologies for missing photography). OK, sorry guys, you know, it is especially the inner values that count: Regards, Sebastian
  22. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    On the bench at the moment... Includes the custom 8-string multiscale KR3 I've spoken of before. The 3-piece Wenge and Maple (thru-body) neck with Marblewood fretboard is ready to glue Swamp Ash wings to before a figured Buckeye Burl top goes on... And that leftie Archtop Strat-body that I was last seen working on last month... SHOCK BLUE!!
  23. Anyone need custom Waterslide decals? I make em and sell them on eBay, but I offer them a lot cheaper to members of the guitar building groups I'm in. 3 decals $12 Half sheet (as many as I can fit on an 8.5"x5.5" sheet) $20 Full sheet (8.5"x11") $30 Signature decals I can use your actual signature on your decal (example in the images). I just need a good picture of it. Signature service is an extra $15. Free shipping in the U.S.. Shipping to other countries is $5 without tracking, and $25 with tracking. Payments via PayPal, credit or debit card. How it works. Go to my website at www.oneeyedjack.shop (it's not pretty, but it's functional!) to place your order. After you've placed your order and paid, you can upload any images you want used in the decal, If you don't have a design, and need one, I'll do that to. After I've received all the info, I'll start the design of your decal, and send you a proof to get your approval before I ever print anything. When I get your approval, I print em out, and then ship it out. Turn around time is usually 24-48hrs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me using the form on my website, or the Facebook chat button on the bottom right of the website. Thanks for looking!
  24. Question for Curtisa

    Single coil pickups in isolation will naturally sound brighter than two singles in series, as you have when both neck and bridge are on. Seems that sound examples of the SB 400 are hard to come by, but this video of a SB 350 seems to suggest that the neck pickup is fairly bright sounding anyway (at about 8:50). Is that anything like what you're experiencing? You mentioned in the other thread that the pickups were re-wound, so you're probably stuck with whatever the pickup winder made. If they were re-wound as per the spec of the original units, then perhaps that's just the way they're meant to sound? If they were rewound to some other spec, who knows? Does the neck pickup sound like it's working correctly compared to the bridge (ignoring the overall brightness), or does it sound super-anaemic, even to the point of being hard to tell if its even on when both neck and bridge are on? In a passive guitar you're pretty much limited to making things "less treble-y" in order to give the impression of "more bass-y". That effectively means adding something that the tone control already does, ie cut some of the highs back. It can be fun and cheap to experiment with, but don't expect Megabass (tm)-like differences. Beyond that you're stuck with replacing the pickups with something with more oomph or using some kind of active eq/preamp...or turning the bass up on your amp
  25. Question for Curtisa

    Hi Curtisa, you helped me out last week and I wanted to ask something if I could. Everything is working as it should on my bass. Tone adjusts fine, pickups on and off with the switches etc... The thing is if you have both pickups on it sounds great but if you switch off the bridge p/u it gets a brighter more trebley tone. You can tap on the p/u's and tell the neck is on bridge off bet it's brighter than with both on. Does that sound funky to you? Also is there a way to make the sound, everything overall, warmer or bassier? It's got highs for days but lacks bottom end in general. Thanks in advance for any help!
  26. Before all is said and done, I'm sure that will be where it ends up. Maybe I could get her one of her own... SR
  27. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Does your wife get the switch?
  28. As long as they have x-ray vision with an on/off switch. SR
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