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  2. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Started on the hand carving elements of this build today; neck and tummy carve... and this handsome forearm carve. Yep, that's Ebony there
  3. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I think it would make a good barbecue sauce.
  4. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Oh yeah. Good on beef.
  5. gibson financial issues??

    well- I guess I didnt realize Gibson did over $1 billion a year in revenue https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/19/guitar-company-gibson-reportedly-facing-bankruptcy.html
  6. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Hey, No, that blanket is staying - I've no plans for any more kids!! TBH, the reason my paintwork looks the way it does is because I only spray matte. I stopped spraying altogether a couple of years ago due to time restraints and workload. If it wasn't for the matte clear, I still wouldn't be spraying. Okay, yes the prep is equally important, but it is much easier to get top class results from matte paint. The additional agents in gloss are what make it more prone to orange peel and slower curing times. The stuff I use (2k Polyurethane) cures enough to start assembly within three days at the moment and that's in the winter. In summer, it'll be even less time. I also get out of all that wet sanding and polishing... That was the time issue in the past, especially when I have other dusty stuff going on... Dust and fresh paint do not mix! Saw dust... As above, prep definitely contributes most to the finishes achieved. Matte still won't hide scratches, dings or dips It's good to get it off your chest Thanks Norris... As above. Sorry for being lazy with the "see above" all-in-one replies
  7. Matt is king of the short scale guitar. SR
  8. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I made eggs and sauced them up real good. The chipotle stuff is good, but a bit sweet. Not really hot at all. I think it's probably really good on beef.
  9. interesting read: if that figure is true- that is an ASS_TON of debt. https://patch.com/tennessee/nashville/out-tune-iconic-guitar-maker-gibson-headed-bankruptcy
  10. There are a few bits of tinware that could do with replacing. They are at least £50 ($70 ish) each - if you can find them, and there are over a dozen pieces. Decent VWs do fetch a lot of money. If you see a van for less than 15k you know it needs a lot of work doing! Trouble is, it's the better half's "baby", so it's gotta be done. I'd rather be making sawdust, but don't tell her that!
  11. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    You are a spray gun wizard. Fabulous finish!
  12. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    Well damn you! Now I ‘need’ a pink superstrat! Sorry, Had to get that off my chest.
  13. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Yeah, it's crazy. Juts like LPs.
  14. Either your guitars are really small or your office is huge Nice work on the "scrap" table
  15. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Those old VWs were some interesting vehicles. Beetles are really fun cars to customize, but everyone wants an arm and a leg for them these days.
  16. Pariahrob's build log

    Right then! Made some progress today. This in between finishing off another jazz bass and a corvette. The body is coming along. Mostly been laying things out and deciding if what my templates say look right in the flesh. Mostly yes so here I’ve marked out the bevel. Then cut the trussrod channel and drilled the access hole. Part router part chisels. Bit tricky but lots of double checking saw me through. Final job for today was marking up the neck pocket. I tend to do this based on the neck rather than template for the best fit. Funky laser fun times! I’ll probably end up casting a mould for this and then route using that. Plan is for a 21mm pocket so the fretboard sits above the body. That will mean recessing the bridges but that was the plan all along. Onwards!
  17. A 2 litre mower would be amusing It's pretty much the same engine that was used by Porsche back in the day. Different cam profile to give low end torque on VWs though
  18. Obol guitar build

    Wow, that's super cool. Obviously this is a deeply satisfying form of art for you, and it's a pleasure that you are sharing the thought process through the project. Truly awesome.
  19. Kemp Guitars UK Build Thread #2

    The blanket counts half a point towards an obligatory foot shot. Simple is usually the most difficult, and like has been said, that's clean work that shows you're paying attention to pre-paint prep. It underlines the importance of it completely. Bravo.
  20. Guitars and Numbers

    Yeah yeah, guitarists blaming their nut again. Heard this story before! hahaha
  21. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    You'll drink it. It's that "usable".
  22. First Build, so many lessons learned

    It's great how we have lots of mixed conversations happening whilst we're in the middle of any given build thread....talking shop around the beer cooler as usual. <- closest emoticon I could find.
  23. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I got some of that Chipotle Tabasco, Pros. Gonna give it a shot at lunch.
  24. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    I haven't seen an old VW motor in a while.
  25. PRS-like project(s)

    Thanks! The TR cover is plastic I bought on Ali, it was really cheap so the plastic has some slight texture, but it looks OK here It flips open, so that looked interesting. Still waiting on mini hums.
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