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  2. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    It's good. Very good. Bourbon flavor without all the harshness.
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  4. cnc rebuild

    So, I got the bed on and yes there was some movement. So now to reset everything again. The difference is it is only off by a few thousandths, so pretty easy to fix. Hopefully Sunday I will have that all done and the spindle power wired. MK
  5. Pariahrob's build log

    Happy to give my opinion of it. I went for the rack version for recording and have it loaded up with some great IRs already. Only had it a couple of days but already know it’s a remarkable piece of gear. Veryvtouch redponsive and ‘playable’. ive a few tube amps, bought and built, and I have a feeling they might get a lot less love.
  6. JimF's First Build!

    Nice assortment of materials you have there. Keep an eye on that tulipwood. It can be soft in places and needs care not to chew itself up when you route. Slow and steady will get you there though. Templates are not cheating and a preslotted board isn’t a bad thing for your first build. Good luck and prepare to be bitten by the build bug!
  7. JimF's First Build!

    Thanks! Just need to get stuck in!
  8. Pariahrob's build log

    We'll talk about the Helix in good time Rob. I'm totally amp-less right now, so a Helix LT or floor is likely going to empty my pockets soon enough.
  9. Wrap Around Bridge - Benefits?

    A quick research on the topic of the finger tailpiece on the HR Fusion III suggests that the idea was borrowed from banjos, which have used the same finger fine tuner mechanism for a lot longer than the Fusion III was in production. Interestingly there is no mention that these changed the tension or feel of the string; rather they were used to adjust the tonal balance across the strings. My thinking is that tension would not change, as the flexible length of the string is not changing as the fingers are cranked up and down. Sound may change though, as the break angle behind the saddle increases and decreases, resulting in a corresponding change in downward pressure on the saddle and body. I'm just one guy who tried it out. I don't play anywhere nearly as regularly as I did 20 years ago, so there's every possibility other more seasoned players could easily feel the difference between locknut on vs off. As you say, the Floyd experiment probably isn't the best example of it either, as the whole system is designed to move and balance under countering forces and changing one factor results in other parts of the system moving to compensate.
  10. Pariahrob's build log

    Looks right to my eyes
  11. JimF's First Build!

    I reckon you'll be more than happy with Irongear. For the price of a dinner at your local they're hard to beat. That's hardly cheating. You've still got to chop all the woody bits to the right shape and do that joiny-gluey thing to stick them together properly. I hope you asked his permission first
  12. fretfind2d multiscale help! rhino beginner help!

    That's great, I'll keep an eye out for it as I will be definitely wanna watch it. Cheers Ben
  13. fretfind2d multiscale help! rhino beginner help!

    I've got to find a bit of time to practice how to get the stream done smoothly without any hitches. It'll be a desktop stream with voiceover and a bit of chat. Since it's meant as a permanent record on the process, I'm going to try and keep it "on-script" so as not to generate a huge long video.
  14. Hi All, I'm starting a build thread mainly to keep track of my progress and also for hints & tips if anyone stops me going wrong somewhere, and encouragement if I get disheartened! As per the title, this is my first build from scratch. Like everyone else I've done a few parts builds, but I've also got experience with woodwork from a little knifemaking sideline I've done until changing jobs recently. For those who are interested, here are some pics: Back to the case in hand! I'm building the following: 6 string Blackmachine type guitar Tulip Poplar body Maple top (below average figuring) Padauk neck with wenge centre strip & white laminates (0.6mm thick), scarf joint into headstock. Ebony ferret Fixed Hipshot-style bridge Locking tuners Still undecided on pickups, I have a single Sentient, but I fancy white/zebra pups in this build so am toying with the idea of a set of Irongear pickups. For the price I don't think I can go wrong. Colour and finish wise I'll be going for an unfinished neck, oiled body and stained top. Haven't decided whether to go for oiled satin finish on the top or wipe on poly buffed to a high gloss. Colour will be a light brown/dark amber non burst. I'm cheating with this build as I have bought a pre-slotted, pre-radiused fretboard, and I'll be using router templates On to pics! Router templates from http://www.templatesandjigs.com/ Photos from the eBay listing of the top wood: This is the type of finish I'm aiming for colour wise: Pics of the raw materials: Looking forward to getting started in the coming weeks!
  15. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Best of luck on your metric bottle.
  16. Pariahrob's build log

    I keep looking at this photo and wondering why it looks odd. I think it’s because it’s headless the neck looks too short!
  17. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    What Wesley is doing tonight.
  18. Four new rockers are coming to life

    No Norris, the ebony frames were done by laser cut, and even using a laser it was no easy cause from 12th fret to 21th the frame is 0.8mm, impossible to make by hand. The rest routings are done by hand with a Dremel and a base I made for it. Scorpionscar
  19. Wrap Around Bridge - Benefits?

    Yes I didn't notice the difference either but I understand the reasoning behind it. With a Floyd if you bend the strings the Floyd springs are going to give way a bit. Excellent that you went to the trouble of experimenting. Just thinking, normally with a Floyd you have the nut locked so that would perhaps counter-act the effect. A bit of flex from the bridge end rather than the headstock end On the Howard Roberts Fusion I just googled it and realised I had it wrong, the Finger Tailpiece doesn't alter the string length it alters the string angle which increases/decreases the amount of downward pressure on the Bridge. Either way I think it must have a similar effect. I can't remember the reason that Howard Roberts wanted it on his guitars other than it changes the feel of the guitar. Apparently they also had this type of Tailpiece on Banjos too Reading comments on forums, a lot of people don't notice any difference with their adjustment but obviously some people do http://www.poshguitars.com/guitar-list/2010-gibson-howard-roberts-fusion-iii/
  20. My current build actually has router bites on both sides of the neck pickup route. Small (yet gigantic to me) chip outs of unsupported grain coming out of the dog ears. Mounting rings were already part of the plan, and will cover them completely so I'm not going to do a thing about them. I'm not sure I even cussed when it happened. SR
  21. First Build, so many lessons learned

    I lurked here for about six weeks before I finally signed up, then I made this thread because I wanted to pick the the collective brains of all the experienced people here. If someone else can learn from my mistakes, awesome. What I didn't expect is for you guys to talk me off the ledge. Ok, I'll be taking a conservative approach with re-routing the pickups any further. I figure I can complete most of this build and "fix" the pickup route much later if necessary. Ok, now I'm going to go search the forum for how y'all do your wooden pickup rings. Thanks everyone!
  22. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Did you make the ebony frames for the stars yourself? Some seriously meticulous work going on there. Well done
  23. Wrap Around Bridge - Benefits?

    Well, just tried doing a locknut open vs locknut closed comparison and I can't feel the difference. There obviously is some stretching occuring behind then nut because if I bend a string, clamp the nut while holding the string bent and then release the string the resting pitch of the string is marginally flatter than when it started. If I then release the locknut, that pre-bent string then returns sharper to the correct pitch. I made some measurements to see if there was a difference in distance it took to bend a string up with the lock nut engaged or disengaged. The 3rd string was fretted at the 9th position (E) and bent a full step up to F#. For each E and F# I used a Peterson strobe tuner to make sure I was nailing the pitch for both static and bent strings. Calipers were utilised to measure the deflection of the string using the edge of the fretboard as a reference: Static distance of 3rd string from treble edge of fretboard at 9th position = 21.11mm Distance from treble edge of fretboard, bending up to F#, locknut off = 34.27mm (deflection = 13.16mm) Distance from treble edge of fretboard, bending up to F#, locknut on = 33.26mm (deflection = 12.15mm) 1mm difference is about 8% change in deflection required to raise the string pitch a full step, but in practice I personally can't tell the difference; It just gets absorbed into the mechanics of my playing. The deflection difference may be more pronounced if the Floyd wasn't fully floating and was blocked off.
  24. Travel Shredder

    Here is some of the work I've done lately. I sanded out and filled in the faux binding on the top of the guitar, but I left it un-dyed on the sides. I'm much happier with this. I did some grain filling. I like how the black looks. The covers in place. My logo. I did it in Photoshop. I like that it matches the body a bit. I've been building up layers of Tru-Oil the last few days and will be continuing for another week or so. I will post pictures soon.
  25. Off-set custom creation

    Pretty cool build. I'm an offset fan so this is up my alley. But from a deisgn perspective I'd recommend a few things to explore: 1- Your treble-side horn does not fit the rest of the body, I'd look at a re-design there 2- Your pickguard on the upper horn doesn't keep equidistant from the edge near the nec (which can sometimes work, but it doesn't here). My guess is because you're trying to maintain the "curve" visually coming in from the pickguard on the bass side. GREAT design decision... but the recommendation I'd make is to (like point #1) modify the horn so that you both maintain that line as well as keep equidistant. 3- There's an almost "flat section" at the very tail-end of the pickguard. I'd suggest rounding that out more elegantly in either a CAD program, or if by or utilize a French curve. Keep up the fun! Chris
  26. Last week
  27. BEER! What's in your fridge?

    Alpha Hive Double IPA from Coop Ale Works, 9.1% abv- a nice west coast style Double IPA with a sweet kiss of honey on the back swallow. Its a bit different- but very nice. I dig it. my first Firestone Walker Brewing beer (California)- and its from their limited Leo vs Ursus series- Wookus, a 8.2% Black Ale that is fine fine fine stuff. Digging it. Hookiebobb IPA from Crazy Mountain Brewing (Colorado) 6.7% abv- a decent enough west coast style ipa. awaken my love stout from creature comforts (Georgia) - sadly- while most Creature Comforts beers are excellent- I did not enjoy this one at all- way too sweet, way too much cinnamon- just not digging it.
  28. Sounds good I will keep you posted. Another note: Been thinking this was Saturday all day. LOL!! Trying to get some cleanup done in the shop today. My back is now saying FUCK YOU!! I guess I'm done for the day. SCOTCH TIME!!!! MK
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