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  2. mistermikev, I think the build is just right and on the next level as it is!
  3. I agree that that is an awesome design. I love it. all the benefits of a neck thru with a nice twist in that it doesn't show a laminated surface. Storing that away under 'great ideas'. I like your voodoo. for the sake of argument... if it goes 2.9999999 inches past where yours stops... still a set neck? hehe. I think it might be a "set neck thru". breaking down barriers with your wood work... cudos.
  4. ....approximately 3 inches past where mine stops...... I like the way my long tenon is completely encapsulated by the body woods. There is much more gluing surface than a neck through. It is the strongest connection I can imagine. Total voodoo, but it makes me happy. SR
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  6. looking awesome. I'm left wondering... at what point does a neck stop being a set neck and start being a neck thru?
  7. I've been doing a bit of traveling lately, so only a minor amount of time was available to apply to the art of making sawdust. The neck got some more love and is fairly close to final size and shape. Then I had to fix it up a place to live. Consummated On top of traveling and being super busy at work these days...which has left me far behind in my thread reading, my home computer acts like it wants to die. Or at least hack up a hair ball. We'll see how far she'll go. SR
  8. thank you sir. means the world to me. also, couldn't agree more about the pictures... it seems each guitar finish I encounter has a new list of challenges afa taking pictures. some look better w flash, some without, some look better washed out, some look better dark... I need a live in pro photographer!
  9. It's a thousand times easier to make a great looking guitar than it is to take great looking pictures of it. And that sir, is a great looking guitar! SR
  10. This looks like it's going to be a real beaut Andy. SR
  11. I saw the view you get when looking right up the snoot of a basset hound....or a bear. SR
  12. just my humble observation... not neg in any way... please take in the spirit of friendly observation: I can't help but wish the back was the front! Such a beautiful back it's a shame to not have it up front on display. Really love it. The guitar is beautiful no doubt, and the front color choice is very nice... but a matching front would have really pushed this to another level for me. Just my humble and unfettered opinion.
  13. It's only an iPhone and a gopro! Something to note though, double the cameras is not double the editing, it's more like 4 times the editing. Yeah my body routing video got a bit of traction. I had something like 15 new subs after I uploaded that one. There is so much useful information in analytics, the audience drop off screen is such a useful tool. it essentially tells you what not to do again and what to do more of, if you're goal is a larger audience anyway. I can't see that I'll be keeping up 3 videos a week, maybe 1 tops, it's just too much work. I mean I could have built a guitar in that time
  14. Looking good mate. I'm jealous of your multicam setup. You already have more subs than me... damn you
  15. sure did ron, and thank you for asking. I ended up just drilling little holes right next to the two, and once I could see the screw used a needle nose to work it back and forth and then pull them both out. then did a 3/8" hole w a forstner, then plugged it with dowel. Painted over with conductive and it disappeared.
  16. Cnc Acoustic Top And Frame From 1 Piece? YES done it !! billm90 mentioned this in an old archived post. Bill here it is billet aluminum CNC machined integral bracing forget the grain directions this is isotropic material. it works and has been tested by the pro's.
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  18. Bostosh

    need 3D CAD files

    hi, what do you nave for data? and what do you want to modify?
  19. Thanks for the input. Had to look up Faraday Cage
  20. If you're worried about the conductivity in the seams, simply sand the edge of the tape with some four digit grit wet'n'dry or wirewool/plastic equivalent before gluing the overlapping tape. Wiping with vinegar or other acid might also do the trick but then you'd have to deal both with moisture and neutralizer (baking soda). You might even end up soaking the glue off the tape. If I've understood right what I've learned, as long as the overlapping stripes have several contact spots the shielding will work. That's why some builders only have a few stripes of the copper tape turn over the edge of the cavity to make contact with the copper covered plate. An airtight metal box isn't necessary, it's about building a Faraday cage which in theory could be made as a wire frame in the edges and corners of the cavity. Since the cavities are of uneven shape covering all surfaces is the quick and dirty way to solve any corner issues.
  21. I applied bondo and spot putty to the glue seams. I finished sanded, masked off the back and sprayed on a couple coats of black primer. I use and recommend Mohawk lacquers. I mixed up black and Sy Casual blue for the front. I applied several coats, varying the mixture till I was satisfied with my idea of a midnight blue. I used the purple Harbor Freight touch up cup gun to spray the lacquer. I was so happy with its performance. I clear coated the front and back and added a little amber to mellow the back.
  22. Hi Everyone, I am giving my first build/rebuild a go. I bought a Monoprice Indio Telecaster with the hopes of stripping all components and adding better quality ones. I have already purchased all the components and I am getting ready to start. My question is about shielding the guitar using conductive adhesive copper tape. I have (5) 3" x 14" pieces of copper foil tape with conductive adhesive that was given to me for free. The question is about tarnish. I have attached a picture of what the tape looks like. What if any problems will this cause if I use the tape as is? I appreciate everyones input . Evan
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