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  2. PRS-like project(s)

    Thanks!!! Did some wiring last night, according to a PRS schematic I found. As planned, treble bleed 100k/470pf, with 22nf. What always gives me some trouble is which connector is which on these types of jacks Waiting on the mini hums, and some polishing of the hum rings still to do. I'll leave them white, it seems to go well with the theme. I'm postponing the making of a new block as my drill press setup seems too unreliable for 40mm deep drilling until I get a real drill press... 186 by Goran P, on Flickr
  3. gibson financial issues??

    I think the simplified answer is that overall the market for new guitar sales, particularly of traditional models is declining and Gibson's situation is compounded due to some poor business decisions made in the last 10-15 years. The music business as a whole has moved on a lot from guitar-centric rock of the 50s-90s, and the guitar isn't the lynchpin of a band as much as it was. Gibson, like the other big 'traditional', Fender are victims of their customers' desires for as little to change as possible. Everyone wants their LP or Strat to be as magical as it was back in the 50s. Don't forget that LPs and Strats were once considered futuristic and state of the art when they were released, but today's traditional salesbase aren't interested when Gibson or Fender try to modernise and improve those models. And that market is shrinking too. There's only so many Les Pauls you can sell when the buyers already have their fill of Les Pauls from years gone by. It's difficult to evolve a model when everyone likes their old stuff better than their new stuff, and neither Gibson nor Fender have been particularly successful when they try to release something new or revolutionary. A simplified business-sided analysis of the situation:
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  5. PRS-like project(s)

    That’s great! Nice work.
  6. Four new rockers are coming to life

    Happens to me too but only on my phone. On my Mac it’s fine. Lovely cover by the way. Nice photography too! I’d love to see your special Nile sander.
  7. Four new rockers are coming to life

    I usually highlight the quote and hit the delete key on my keyboard whenever I want to get rid of it. Will that work for you? SR
  8. Four new rockers are coming to life

    No, I simply writte but the quote appears and don't know how to remove. Now it seems to be all right
  9. Four new rockers are coming to life

    I've been wondering about that myself. Are you just clicking the the "reply to this topic" box? SR
  10. Pariahrob's build log

    A little more done today. Router cavities for pups and tuner access and broke out the file for the bevel. Mall good except my template slipped and I took a small chunk out of the top next to the front pup route. Only 3mm deep and about the same wide but so annoying. Move cut it square with a chisel and will fit a piece from the top to repair. I’m hoping it won’t be noticeable but still kicks by myself. So got some more stock in. A few black limbs blanks, curly maple tops and neck laminated. Plus this lovely ovangkol top. Looks like this has been chosen by a client for a Strat build.
  11. First Build, so many lessons learned

    I can see how that might cause a light application, yes. Sponges load with product whilst paper towels or cloth absorbs it.
  12. First Build, so many lessons learned

    Little bit of progress this morning. I took the clamps off the headstock, planed down the top, and glued on the wenge veneer. The fretboard is on, being held in place by the pins I put in previously, and I placed the nut between the fretboard and the veneer in order to space everything correctly. The scrap wenge didn't change at all overnight. I think I did it wrong - the instructions suggested using sponges to apply the two parts of the bleach, and I used paper towels. I think using paper towels meant that the wood didn't get nearly as saturated as it would have with a sponge. I shall try again.
  13. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    The buzz seems to have gone away, I just didn't realize I'd over tightened the truss rod - the fingerboard wasn't touching the slotted straight edge! I loosened it up, the neck got straighter...looks like I'd created a back bow
  14. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    Okay, I was wondering whether the nut might be causing issues in the first position. It would seem it's the frets then. Do you have a small straightedge or a fret rocker? I know they're functionally useless on a neck when it has a little necessary relief, however you might find something to explore further as a culprit. If you do find something, try and prove that is what the problem is using two investigative techniques....no point in chasing anything and everything as you can quickly compound issues than solve them. Being a pre-made neck, I presume that the frets are seated well enough. I used tap them with my fret rocker (about all I use it for) to listen for poorly-seated frets. They sound different.
  15. Swift Lite 2

    Brick walls are of no consequence unless you're running at one with your eyes closed. You've got patience and a good approach, so I think you're going well as always.
  16. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    Very lightly deepened the nut slots with abrasive tape so half the circumference sits in the slot - some of the strings were sliding out of the slots! I don't think I sanded too deep, though I'd need a jig of some sort to fine tune the nut slots
  17. Swift Lite 2

    Made a bit more progress on this. First of all, got the wenge constructional veneer (2mm) on the back of the top: Then got the fretboard radiussing jig out for a second blooding: It's still not perfect even after a few tweaks but it does do the job and got me to this stage in an hour or so rather than a day or so! : You can't see it in the shot below, but the fretboard's got some really nice birdseye in it that will pop out once the finish has been applied: I'm sure I'll hit a brick wall soon, but at the moment this seems to be buzzing along nicely
  18. gibson financial issues??

    I have no idea which accounting game they'll choose, but I don't expect them to go anywhere.... SR
  19. PRS-like project(s)

    Pots and bridge studs are in, I'll need to deepen the toggle area for a hair and reapply a piece of the foil, shouldn't be a problem. I didn't take the cupping of the dip in the top/washer into account, if that makes sense...otherwise, seems OK, I'll start the wiring. I'm planning a treble bleed, a 470pf/100K combo, any other suggestions? The pots are 500k. 185 by Goran P, on Flickr
  20. First Build, so many lessons learned

    I've seen it get a LOT lighter than that. What do the instructions say? I presume that being 2-part it has a finite as-packaged strength that you can mix it to, so time must be the key. I hope that your magnetic strip is strong enough to hold those router bits....I get super paranoid about dinging mine up, or the potential for them clinking together. Hahaha....I must be so faulty in the head....
  21. Misc stuff about life.This one goes to eleven...

    Agreed. I like sauces that aren't too sugary though. Love my habaneros.
  22. Tele-Pine-Partscaster project!

    Okay, so I gave the fingerboard another go last night - taped the fingerboard, marked the frets with a Sharpie,adjusted the truss rod until the neck was straight (turns out the truss rod was turned too tight, creating a back bow), went over the frets with 440 sandpaper (this time using a radiused sanding block), marked the frets again with the sharpie, then crowned them alternating between the concave fret file and the Little Bone crowning file. To be honest, I find that the Little Bone does a nicer job at crowning (it has a diamond abrasive surface), but is hard to handle due to its small size, whereas the concave fret file is easier to handle but does a shitty job at crowning (takes several passes and a lot of elbow grease to get the marker traces filed off the frets) ... so I'd give the frets an initial pass with the fret file and finish the job with the Little Bone (in fact, the Little bone proved to be indispensable past the 12th fret as I moved closer to the body). Then, I gave each fret a "polish sanding" with a piece of fine sandpaper (I forget if I used 600 or 800 grit), then polished each fret to a gloss with 0000 steel wool (couldn't find the synthetic equivalent unfortunately) . Lastly, I gave the frets a rub with Scratch X with a dry cloth, It turned out nicer than I expected, the string bending is much smoother, but...I was getting buzzing on the D & G strings when playing the first three frets...I had zero buzzing prior to the fret job. After double-checking the neck with my fingerboard straight edge, turns out I'd over tightened the truss rod again, recreating a back bow. So...loosened the truss rod bit by bit until the fingerboard was touching the straight edge at the first three frets again. Me thinks the seller's efforts to relic the neck may have weakened it to the point that it's too flexible? Anyway, it seems to have gotten rid of the buzz on the D & G strings. I'll test it again when I'm home from work, see how the neck settled under string tension.
  23. Solly’s Guitar build diary

    I’ve been busy putting poly on the body and neck the past few days. I kind of regret dyeing the neck now, but it is what it is now. The neck picks are without any poly being applied.
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