This month's Guitar Of The Month vote is now open....if you're a registered member, head over to check out this month's builds and let us know which you think should be the winner! Guitar Of The Month's Guitar Of The Month is a friendly open content for site member's to showcase their creations and to vote for the month's favourite build.

Each month members present builds in the current GOTM thread with a public vote in the closing week. Contest winners receive elevated member status and a front page feature post on the site. To enter or vote, enter the "Current Guitar Of The Month Contest" category below. Our "GOTM Archive" contains all previous monthly entries and winners archived back to 2002!


  1. Current Guitar Of The Month Contest members are free to enter their instruments in this open contest to share, showcase and discuss their creations and to vote for their monthly favourite. Usually this forum will contain a thread for members to enter their own builds with a poll that opens in the last week of each month. The threads for previous entries and polls are moved to the archive with each month's winners are posted on the main homepage and winners page.

  2. Guitar Of The Month entry/poll archive

    Archive of's Guitar Of The Month former entries and polls.