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New Cds

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My shipment of CDs arrived from Alligator Records today. :DB):D

Guitar Shorty

Tinsley Ellis

Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials

Albert Collins

Johnny Winter

Listening to Guitar Shorty as we speak (so to speak). Its all good. Kick a** blues rock.

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Bluespresence, damn right!

I've been listening to my new blues CDs. Every one is good. I saw Johnny Winter a number of times when I was younger, but that was when he was playing more rock i.e. Rock and Roll Hootchie Koo. This blues disc of his is amazing - back to his roots.

However, that isn't the prize of the lot. I took a chance on the Guitar Shorty disc although I had never heard him. It is amazing blues rock - killer guitar and vocals. What blew me away is that he made this disc last year when he was 65 years old (yes, count em - born in 1939!). It represents a lifetime of music. No social security for this man. He is a baaaaaad man.

BTW, apparently he was married to Jimi Hendrix's sister back in the day in California, and young Jimi used to hang out in the clubs.......

No one may care, but I have to post this. You all know how it is when music grabs you. :D

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I like everybody on your list, I can't even pick one out in particular, they're -all- good listenin'.

I -would- like to know what discs in particular you got, I probably know most of em, hehehe...

Although I think my Tinsley Ellis isn't Alligator, so I might not know those, but he's pretty good too.

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Drak, here are the discs. All are Alligator Records recordings. I believe you are a blues aficianado. I am only a fan, but I am in the mood for blues if you know what I mean.


Guitar Shorty Watch Your Back (his only Alligator record 2004)

Johnny Winter Deluxe Edition (an Alligator compilation)

Albert Collins Deluxe Edition (an Alligator compilation)

Tinsley Ellis Storm Warning (1994)

Tinsley Ellis Fire It Up (1997)

Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials Heads Up

Lil' Ed and the Blues Imperials Get Wild

When I ordered the discs, they sent a complete catalog of their recordings. I noticed many by Roy Buchanon. Isn't he one of your favorites? Any disc in particular?

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By the way, who the h*** is Gid Tanner and the Skillet Lickers? :D


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Hey johnsilver, you just seem like a guy who kicks ass. Right on dude, right on.

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GT and the Skillets are an -oldtime- country band, dating back to the beginnings of country music. Do a net search on them, there's 'a heapin' helpin' of info out there on 'em.

Yes on the Buchanan. He did three for Alligator, and the second one, 'Dancing on the Edge' is the one you want, by a -wide- margin the best of the three, then coming in second is 'When a Guitar Plays The Blues', but there's only about 3-4 cuts I really like on that one.

You see, when Roy went to Alligator, his sound changed dramatically. He started using a delay pedal, which is fine, but all 3 discs sound, from a production standpoint, the same, sort of 'high tech'. So just pick the best one from Alligator and leave it at that unless you want to go back in time to his earlier, more classic, purer sound. My favorite Buchanan is the material from his early Polydor discs, that the 'pure' stuff, for a recommend on that, it would be 'Second Album'. Complete classic from beginning to end, not a loser in the bunch. That's where the classic Buchanan is.

I bet the Johnny Winter comp is pretty good, Johnny put out several really fine discs for Alligator. Man, his tone is like a laser beam there's so much high end and so little bass to his guitar tone, but man, he really let it rip, a blizzard of notes.

And yeah, I have Storm Warning too. I think that's an ES 335 overdriven tone, much deeper and fatter and smoother distortion style.

Actually most everything you picked has a pretty head-cutting tone to it. Collins, Lil' Ed, Johnny all have pretty cutting guitar tones.

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Bill-Murray, rock on.

My philosophy is:

- stay away from drugs

- bourbon is not a drug

Drak, thanks for the reference on Roy. I'll follow up on my next order with Alligator. Maybe I'll spring for one of the tshirts this time. Looks suitable for wearing while making sawdust. :D

You are dead on about the Johnny Winter disc and his tone. It has this kind of high-end edginess to it. The phrase "blizzard of notes" is a perfect description. I'm blown away by his playing. Not sure what he is playing - the times I saw him he was playing a reverse Firebird. I know he broke out his old National steel guitar for some stuff on this disc. I'd like to know your reaction if you get it.

Tinsley Ellis apparently is using an ES 335. On the disc jacket, he is holding a 335 but there is a Gibson Moderne in the background. Strange looking. I've never actually heard one that I know of.

Guitar Shorty is exclusive with G&L Guitars, and Lil' Ed with Washburn. And you would know that Albert Collins was the self billed "Master of the Telecaster".

All great guitar tone. Apparently, it comes from within.

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Johnny used his Erlewine Lasar guitar for most of that material. It's made by Erlewine Guitars and then modified some from stock, but I don't know what he did to get that searing high-end tone from it. There's a quality about the tone of that guitar that is hard to define, but it doesn't sound like anything else out there, it's voice is pretty unique.

A guy here made a perfect rendition of one last year, he did a beautiful job.

I don't need the comp, I have most of the discs it came from and am familiar with probably most all the songs on it, I'm a big JW fan. :D

Those Alligator years were Johnny's last big Hurrah I think, his health is getting fairly bad now, I doubt he'll ever put out material like that anymore.

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Thanks for the ref on the Lazer. I had a look at it - wasn't familiar with it. Since then, I've seen about 10 photos of Johnny Winter holding one.

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I saw Johnny Winter a few years back. Yeah, he has slowed down quite a bit since his heyday in the 70's. But at the time he was recovering from a broken hip and the death of his father. His show involved having to be helped around a bit accompanied by some fumbling around between songs, ie. someone had to help him loosen his hair which was caught under the guitar strap when he switched guitars. His main axe was still the Lazer and main slide guitar is the Gibson Firebird. From what I heard his live material doesn't change much from show to show. Anyway, I'm still a HUGE fan.

Heres my collection of JW:

A Rock 'n Roll Collection I

A Rock 'n Roll Collection II

Deluxe Edition

Johnny Winter

Live in New York City

Second Winter

Still Alive and Well

Texas Blues

Winter of 88


Captured Live (my fave :D )

Guitar Slinger

Johnny Winter And

Johnny Winter Live

Let Me In

Live in Germany (bootleg)

Livin' the Blues

Progressive Blues Experiment

The Texas Tornado

Third Degree

White Hot Blues

White, Hot and Blue

Barcelona Blues

Black Cat Bone

Blues In A Box

Dervish Blues

Early Heat

Ease My Pain

Gangster of Love

Hey, Wheres Your Brother

Scorchin' Blues

My Father's Place

Parker's Place

Philadelphia, Pa (live bootleg)

Crying The Blues (JW and Willie Dixon)

And just to add something noteworthy. When Guitar Player magazine's yr. 2000 edition listed the top 100 guitar players there was no mention of Johnny Winter, but idiots like Kurt Cobain were in there, go figure. ALSO, I think JW should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, don't you? The man paid his dues and does a good job at passing on the blues tradition.

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Damn Southpa, between you and Drak, JW should get rid of his distributor and just sell direct to you guys. :D

Re the Guitar Player ranking, those type things have to be a compromise by definition but leaving JW off the list completely is inexcusable in my view. I was just listening to Third Degree (from the Deluxe Edition) and offer that song by itself as evidence they made a great mistake. Agree completely he s/b in the Hall of Fame. Just looking at your collection and his body of work is an indication of his contribution.

Sorry to hear his health is failing - I didn't realize. The last time I saw him was MANY years ago. It was in a big venue and was a killer show. Rick Derringer was in the band at the time and he had his own set. Also an incredible guitarist. I believe they did the Johnny Winter And Live album together - not sure. A month later I went to see Edgar Winter in a club, and Rick Derringer was playing with him along with the drummer from the JW concert (Randy Z. ??). I talked to the drummer at a break, and he just said that "Johnny is sick, man". I think he was in rehab. Too bad. In any case, all the best to JW. I hope he continues to put out music.

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