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Unfortunately, all I can do is vote for a guitar based on how I think it looks.

I've picked up some pawn shop guitars that I thought were great because they felt and sounded so good...but looked like a$$.

If we could play each of these guitars for several hours each then I think these contests would mean alot more.

Then we'd know how skilled a builder truly is.

It sure makes for good guitar porn each month though! :D

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im gutted that i couldnt finish my guitar for this month, considering it was a metal month i thought my annihilator would look good up there with the rest, even if the craftsmanship wasnt a patch on the others.

i was hoping and praying the last 11 days that i could get the machine heads to finish it off, but i STILL havent found any suitable (and cheap enough).

very frustrating seeing it all in bits waiting for 1 part. as soon as those pegs arrive it'll take me about 30 minutes to assemble and string the damn thing up.

next month mayhaps....

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