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Guitar Of The Month For September

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till midnight EST the 23rd of August then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you

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Some of you may have already seen this guitar. I built this for a friend of mine who is a police officer. He's in a Police top 40 band, CUBO (means "Conduct Un Becoming an Officer").

My Police guitar ("Peace Keeper"). I got the idea from the guitar strap in a local Guitar Center. I bought the strap, then built the guitar.



This was finished entirely with Krylon acrylic paint (never again). Previously to this state, I had to strip back down to bare wood 2 times. Like I always say, the trick is in the wetsanding and that's why this finish looks so wet and reflective. Decals were applied then cleared over until edges were no longer visable.

Right after wetsanding and polish, pre assembly

I made the decals using Printmaster 12 software. I used water slide decal inkjet paper from SuperCal-USA through Micro Format Inc. Super Cal-USA website


(3803 is the squad number, like the one that's located on the top roof of a squad car)



- Very lightweight Alder body, custom routed for me by Gregg Rogers Guitars.

- T.O.B. hardtail config.

- Black hardware including Schaller strap locks and Schaller mini locking tuners

- All decals done on Printmaster, metallic gold around "City of Justice" seal does not show too well. Pegface shot may show a better idea of gold metallic on logo.


- Warmoth Contruction neck

- Eric Clapton V profile on the maple neck with ebony fingerboard. I could have saved myself the trouble and bought one of those Allparts Graphite necks instead of finishing this neck.

- Graphtec nut.

-Stainless steel frets which I'm not too sure I'm that happy with them. At least my frets won't wear as fast.

"Billy Club" nightstick neck.

- Lace Sensor Hot Golds pickups (6.5k neck, 13k bridge). Sounds like a Tele on steroids. Overall sound is a bit bright but I think that may be due to the ebony fingerboard and stainless frets.

Here's some close up neck pics.

Pegface with metallic gold logo (3803 is the squad car #)

- Stew

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Here is my contribution.

This is my first guitar I'm building from France.

apres5kr.th.jpg sgcustom081nz.th.jpg sgcustom132de.th.jpg sgcustom067fp.th.jpg

The Idea was to make a Zakk Wylde style SG with an altered body.

The body itself is mahogany, the neck is hard rock maple, the fretboard is ebony with jumbo frets, the headstock is tinted flame maple inlaid as a splitted diamong.

The bridge is a wilkinson wrap around seated on a makassar ebony piece. Tuners are Grover replicas. The nut is a graphtech one. Pickups are cheapos from ebay.

The pinup is a sticker.

There are 3 straplocks à la Tom Anderson. What you see between the pickups is the end of the neck tenon which extends under the bridge pickup.

Electronics are 1 volume, 1 tone and 3 pos switch. The neck is HUGE, the hugest I've ever played, I might shave it one day.

There are 26 frets, the last 4 are scalloped.

The paint has been done with car paint.

The neck joint has been shaped to look like a thunderbolt, in reverence to AC / DC.

That's all I believe!



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My second build,





(crappy pics I know)

24" scale legnth

Solid 1 peice wenge body finished in minwax poly

1 peice slightly flamed maple finished in satin nitro

seymour duncan full shred humbuckers

locking tuners

It plays great and sounds even better!

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Something wrong with this month's GOTM, NOT ENOUGH GUITARS! I may as well throw my efforts into the fray. You will find some progress pics and descriptions in a thread titled "A piece of maple...", that I started a while ago.

OK, where to begin? Its a VERY simple project, good for someone doing their first, this is my third "from scratch" guitar, btw. Yeah, yeah I know, another tele, but this one is a bit different, its ALL maple and only consists of 3 pieces of wood.

Body (1-5/8" thick) is made from one solid block of bigleaf (wrn.) "flamed" maple, slab sawn from the surface of the log at a slight angle. The figuring goes right on thru the body, you can see it wrap around the horn, sides etc. at a slight angle. Neck wood (bolt-on) is from a 2X4 hardrock maple piece a buddy gave me from where he works. He works at the Dept. of National Defense (DND) dockyard, so this wood was government issue, :D . Fretboard is precut/preslotted maple from Stewmac (25-1/2") scale length.


Seymour Duncan Hotstack (STK-S2), thats a blade style magnet, stacked HB in neck position, equipped with a DPDT on/on/on toggle switch (mounted between vol. and tone pots), wired for series/split/parallel.

Seymour Duncan Vintage '54 (STL-1) in bridge position. (AWESOME pickup and I recommend highly)

Standard 3-way tele pickup switch

Chrome "6-saddle" tele bridge

250k ohm vol. and tone pots with chromed, knurled knobs

0.047 Capacitor

Scratch resistant 1/8" thick clear plexi mounting ring (made by yours truly) for neck pickup with 3 mounting screws. I used some "pearloid" patterned paper as a backing, very nice effect as the light shifts around.

graphite nut 1-11/16"

22 med/med frets

Stewmac bi-flex Hotrod truss rod, (shoehorned that one in, :D)

Old style Grover tuners

All wiring is color coded properly for a change. Fretboard dots and truss rod access hole (buffalo head shape) made from Aussie gumwood dust mixed with CA glue, packed in and then sanded flush.


Colors are "Dylon" fabric dye, I've had GOOD results with this stuff in the past so I will continue to use it. Golden Glow, Tangerine and Pagoda Red laid out in the "poor man's" spatter burst. I call the end result a "Tequila Sunrise". Approx. 15 coats of Minwax polyurethane rattlecan high gloss clear applied, 5 coats on the fretboard. (I expect Minwax sales to go up slightly after folks look at this GOTM thread! B)) Hand polished and buffed with Meguiar's Deep Crystal System followed by Meguiar's Swirl Remover.

The pics:





A few more pics here:




I've been playing this guitar so much that my fingers hurt! :D You might think the tone too bright and body too heavy because its maple, but that is not the case. I experimented with a few caps and found that the 047 worked out just right. The HB in the neck gives a really smooth growl when compared to the solid "in your face" punch of the Vintage '54. A real good combination for a telecaster. The body is a bit thinner than the usual tele, total weight of guitar is 7 lbs exactly. I hope ya like!

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Well, here goes. This is my second build. This is a 6 string fretless bass specs are:

bolt-on neck made of maple and purpleheart;

fretboard made of maple, purpleheart and wenge;

two home built jazz-bass pickups;

purpleheart and olive pickup covers;

body made of mahogany, ash, wenge venner, purpleheart and olive;

gold hardware, gotoh tuners, wilkinson bridge;

aguilar obp-1 preamp on a concentric pot (bass, treble)

It was finished in may. I migrated to australia in the beginning of june and this bass finally arrived here this week. It was a very long wait for the shipping container :D

You can see the build thread here.

I'm also updating my website with a compressed version of this thread, it should be put within a week.







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here is my latest.

Maple Burl top. One Piece basswood body. All Maple 1 piece neck, migthymight....

watco wipe on poly. very thin coats but shiny, more so than what one would expect.

Fender standard pickups.

nice and bright, not happy with the pickups though.

Gosh its hard to take good pics...





1 more pic:


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This is actually the second guitar i ever made, although ive only just found the time to lacquer it. Finished two weeks ago, but i started lacquering last year, in march :D

Tasmanian Oak top, African Mahogany back. Ebony fretboard, African Mahog neck, carbon fibre neck rods.

Seymour Duncan JB in bridge, Screamin Demon in neck. Pushpull controls coil tap, std volume and tone control, three way.

Grover locking tuners, tusq nut, white binding, etc etc

Nice warm tone, as you would expect. Currently on loan to Graham Greene (Aussie version of Steve Vai) for recording of his new album.

I think i'll be keeping this one :D





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My second build, I call it the "crucible"


The black dot(between the top two knobs) is a button that switches the guitar from stereo to mono output; it is not a hole.




Links to more pictures:

-Every custom guitar needs a CUSTOM CASE*!

Every custom case needs a CUSTOM STRAP

-tree inlay on headstock

-What an F-hole!

-I like a little bit in back(...inlays, that is)

-Here's a full shot of the headstock inlays


-Hollow, reinforced, Honduras mahogany Wings

-Flamed maple arched top with 7/8" Carve(tap tuned: the top and back have both been carved[on the inside and outside to an approximately uniform thickness of 1/8"])

-Flamed maple back with 7/8" carve(tap tuned)

-Flamed maple binding on top and back.

-4 ply maple purfing(dyed b/w/b/w) on top and back.

-3 ply maple purfing(dyed b/w/b)on sides(top and back).

-Abalone and ebony leaf inlays on back side.

-recessed bridge.

-"launch pad" raised control area(thanks for the name, idch :D )


-Neck through body construction

-Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany laminates(each laminate is individually tapered)

-Ebony fretboard with abalone and maple leaf inlays

-Ebony peghead overlay with gold Mother of Pearl signature as well as a tree made from abalone and maple.

-Flamed maple fretboard binding with dyed maple purfing(b/w) on sides of neck.

-Flamed maple peghead binding with b/w maple purfing on the top and b/w/b maple purfing on the sides.

-Bone nut

-medium, medium fretwire

-Neck is joined to mahogany wings with a dovetail joint that's been lined with poplar and ebony.

-Dual action stew-mac truss rod with 1/8" allen nut at head stock.

-Carbon fiber reinforcement.


-Kent Armstrong 6 adjustable pole piece PAF humbucker at neck.

-Kent Armstrong 12 adjustable pole piece PAF humbucker at bridge.

-L.R. Baggs Piezo Tune-O-Matic Bridge.

-L.R. Baggs active acoustic preamp

-mono/stereo switchable output

-individual neck and bridge volume pots(concentric)

-individual neck and bridge tone pots(concentric)

-3 way rotary switch(magnetic pickups/magnetic pickups and piezo/piezo)

-3 way mini toggle switch(neck humbucker/both humbuckers/bridge humbucker)


-Gold accuetraments

-Schaller locking tuners with ebony tuner bottons

-Schaller straplocks

-Clear pickguard(made in house)

-Schaller fine tune tailpiece

-Flamed maple humbucker mounting rings.


-Two part urethane clear(automotive clear cote)

Here is a link to some pictures of the guitar while it was under construction as well as descriptions of my techniques and some more pics of the finished project

*I built the case(from scratch)

**I wrapped the strap myself, as well

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I'm entering, for a chance at Guitar Of The Month for September 2005, my first build. I call it, the Egress. Egress means "window" or "portal" and I chose this name because this guitar represents my portal into the art of building guitars.

Mahogany body with flamed maple top.

Birdseye maple neck with Honduran Rosewood fretboard.

Matching mahogany cavity covers.

Spertzel tuners with pearloid buttons.

Dunlop jumbo fretwire.

Dimarzio Steve's Special in the bridge postion.

Dimarzio Air Norton in the neck position.

StewMac Mega P 5 way switch.

Wilkinson trem bridge.

The guitar features rounded body sides and Homestead Transfast Turquoise Blue dye under McFadden's Nitro Cellulose lacquer.

The action is super comfortable and the tone is fat with an accent in the upper midrange. It's currently strung with .010 guage strings.





For some reason, I was unable to get a picture that really gives an accurate representation of the color and gloss of this body. These are links to 3 more pics that do, as well as a link to my website illustrating the process. The newest pages are "Assembly" and "Complete".





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