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Recommended Suppliers For Eu Folks

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Right, Rich (fryovanni) thought it might be a good idea to come up with a list of EU suppliers for (particularly) tonewoods, but also parts.

First things first: for a lot of things (including most hardware, some figured woods, and generally lighter-weight items), particualrly given the current relative strength of the Euro and UK Pound vs. the Dollar, ordering stuff from the US may very well be worth it, especially if it's more than one or two things. There's a reason Warmoth, StewMac, LMI get quite a bit of my custom.

However, check with your more local sources as well. Occasionally you'll be surprised at what you find, and for large, heavy chunks of wood (body and neck blanks), lower shipping charges are a very good thing. I'll sift through the various addresses I've collected, and comment on those I've got personal experience with. Here goes, in no particular order:

The Netherlands & Belgium


Vox Humana

Guitar shop+repair+tools+parts store. Has a lot of stuff, including nitro, part-made and fully made necks, bodies, etc. but is very, very, very expensive. IMO, too expensive. Apparently they have a good resaw as well, so that's something to keep in mind.

Texas and Tweed

Henny van Ochten's store, no website, has a catalog, all sorts of parts, hardware, electronics, pickups, some wood. Think StewMac, but again, generally more expensive than importing from the US if you've got more than a couple of things to order. Charges for the catalog, and you need to call him if you want info. Number's 0118 470935.

KSDB Guitars and Guitar Parts

A fairly extensive catalog of parts for acoustic and electric guitars, as well as a variety of tools. Prices not too bad, all things considered. Reccomended to me first-hand, but I haven't used them (yet?).

Back and Forth

Want cheap cheap hardware? Go here. I doubt it's terribly great, but they've got a good selection of budget and/or downright odd parts/tailpieces/etc. Never seen anything there I particularly wanted, though, so never used them.

Pro Arte (Belgium)

Store carrying mostly tools, mostly for bowed stringed isntruments, but some that may be useful to acoustic and electric guitar builders.

Baptist voor Houtbewerkers

Lovely, lovely tool store. Carries all the big brands, lots of fine hand tools, a couple of crazy!overpriced performax sanders and the like, but also has things like Lie-Nielsen planes, some Lee Valley stuff, Kirschen (two cherries) chisels, and titebond. In Arnhem, have a web store.

Arnhemse Fijnhouthandel

One of the largest wood dealers/yards in NL that deals in exotics as well as domestic woods. Very wide selection of stuff, sell either by the board (in the rough) or pre-cut smaller pieces available in their 'hobby attic'. Won't cut or process anything for you, they're just a lumber yard. They're not cheap, but they do have a lot of stuff.

Amsterdamsche Fijnhouthandel

Amsterdam's equivalent to the above; a fairly good selection of different exotics, sadly often in a deplorable state (there's a large, checked all over board of rosewood that makes me weep to see it. If only it had been stickered properly!), various cut-to-size smaller boards or full-size, roughsawn stuff. If you know what you're looking for, you can find plenty of good stuff here; I get my mahogany here, they have (on occasion) Swamp Ash, alder, and an 'instrument woods' section which has some nice bits of wood for a premium. Look around at the boards, I'd say. Cheaper than the place in Arnhem, and they can thickness plane your stuff for you for a nominal fee.




Tools, parts, kits, bodies, necks, and at generally quite competitive, fair prices. Service is usually efficient, and I've been happy with what I've gotten from them in the past. Carry lots of quality hardware, but the caveat remains: check whether ordering from the US is still cheaper (odd but true: cheapest prices on german-made Schallers I've ever found? In the US).


ABM, small company, quality products, including headless stuff, and some tools/parts like truss rods and the like. I've got one of their guitar headless sets, ordered from them direct (this was years ago, though) without any problems.

ETS Guitar and Bass Hardware

High-quality guitar and bass bridges, direct ordering should be possible. They're on my 'if I build a guitar or bass that needs a serious piece of bridge hardware' list. Also do headless stuff, IIRC. Never ordered from them.

Goldo Music

Never used them, web shop with a fairly sizeable selection of parts, bodies, and necks.

Woodland GmBH

Woods, mostly, and lots of different kinds. Plenty for acoustics there as well. Never used them, don't know anything about their reputation, but the prices seem quite decent.

Cropp Timber

Wood, various offerings. Never used them, never heard anything about them either positive or negative.

Dick GmBH

Great place for hand tools, including some lutherie-specific ones.


Register to get to the catalog. Lots and lots of pearl products, inlay materials available for pretty competitive prices, some pre-cut shapes, bindings, purflings available as well.

The UK


David Dyke's Luthier's Supplies

Bit of a useless website, really, but a top-notch source for wood. He's not the cheapest, but he is probably the best in the UK when it comes to something special. Call and ask about what you want/need rather than browsing the catalog is my reccomendation. Also carries tools, finishes, electric and acoustic parts.

Craft Supplies

They list a lot of wood, don't have anywhere near all of it. Mailorder quality isn't terribly reliable, but if you can swing by, by all means do. Have a fairly good selection of tools as well, some parts. I don't use them for wood because I don't quite trust them enough, not by mail. It's a bit better if you talk direct, on the phone, to the guys in the wood shop and tell them what it is you're after.

Touchstone Tonewoods

Tonewoods, parts, some tools, bit of everything really, including bodies and the like (I think). Never used them, heard pretty positive things about them though.

WD Music Products UK

So, well, yeah. WD. Expensive, but they've got tons of stuff. Never used them.

Swineshead Pickups

Hand made, low cost pickups with some funky custom colours/features. Reviews I've read are positive, haven't tried them. I'll be winding my own (or trying to), so it may be a while. They certainly look the part, and the prices are right.

JHS Musical Merchandise

Seems to carry a decent selection of Licensed Wilkinson stuff for a good price. Never used them.

Axes R Us

Website's as tacky as the name, have a slightly random selection of new and second-hand stuff. Never used them.

Random addition: http://www.wires.co.uk and http://www.comax.uk.com sell magnet wire, if you're looking for pickup winding materials.

Italy, Spain


These guys mostly do acoustic woods, but wood is wood, and some do carry limited supplies for electric instruments as well.

Rivolta SNC

Italy, High-quality Italian spruce tops, lovely stuff, and various other bits and pieces. Bit on the pricey side for most back-sides and the like.


New-ish spanish supplier, fairly good web store, largely acoustic guitar focussed. Some great prices on fingerboards and headplates, if you're not looking for very crazy things. Great prices on back/side sets for acoustics. Used them twice, no probs.

Maderas Barber

Much the same kind of stuff as the above, but a slightly more varied offering. email them for a price list, should get it quite quickly. Prices are good, but again, mostly interesting for acoustic builders.

That's pretty much my rundown of places to check. I still order a lot from the US, but sometimes it's nice to have an option closer to home. And EU-living folks want to add their experiences/two cents/reccomendations to the list?

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I'd like to add a couple for the UK.


I've only briefly walked round here when i stumbled across them by accident. The small order shop had tons of different stuff but as it was a saturday there were too many people milling around to ask too many questions but they do supply a number of local luthiers apparently.


Again, geared more for woodturners and carvers. I've never visited but have spoken to them by phone and have been quoted some very keen prices for 2" thick Ash and Sycamore which they said, at the time, they could supply up to and over 14" wide.


Another woodturner specialist but has a huge tool catalogue and also stocks Micromesh plus various finishing supplies.


Timberline is only about a mile from my house - so i've recently discovered ! Geared more towards the acoustic and violin maker has good stocks of veneer's.


UK set up of the US company - nuff said !


I don't know this guy at all but has some reasonably priced blanks and i know there's a few PG members in east anglia who may find him usefull.

From a thread by Helge and so i don't lose the address !


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A few more Dutch ones:


All manner of parts, electronics, including some amp building supplies. Mostly stuff like pickups, pickguards, bridges, bodies, necks...y'know. All sorts of materials, really. I've heard very good things about their delivery times, etc. and I believe their necks are the same ones Rockinger stocks.


Online shop, musical instruments of all kinds, reasonable selection of hardware. Again, heard good things, never used them.

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I went to John Boddy's at the weekend http://www.john-boddy-timber.ltd.uk/index.html

they have a good quantity of American hard maple as well as mahogany.

other stuff I picked up included some nice walnut for laminated necks and some cherry for fingerboards.

they had a lot of maple marked up as birdseye but I took a bottle of water and a rag with me :D I couldnt see the birdseye in the timber for the life of me and that was after wetting he wood. - be careful !

the website is better than the timberyard experience, the sales staff couldnt give a stuff about you and the catalogue lies about the timbers that they actually stock.

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ANYONE who sells Indian Rosewood in EU for Humane Prices?

Width 60 - 130mm wanted

Looking for Swedish Wood Dealers, with a complete Wood supply, Location Stockholm and up.

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Plenty of folks, all of them listed above, really. If you want fingerboards or even neck blanks, spanish suppliers, for a single piece contact Dave Dyke (for instance).

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There was a thread about this recently. Try the search function and be kind enough to update with the once I have forgotten.

Bröderna Holm in Sala:


Mahogany, Maple, Rosewood, Ebony, Basswood, Padouk, Snakewood, Venge and Zebrano among other



And my main supplier:


No web page, 08 - 591 441 30

Stocking maple, Mahogany in 2” thickness with one piece widths and some other stuff.

The price levels with all of those are decent, but you will not find cheap rosewood anywhere is Sweden.

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I've got another one with quite some stuff. It's in Germany: www.musik-produktiv.de I live in the Netherlands, but most things are cheaper in Germany, so it's relevant for Dutch people as well (also for other neighboring countries of course)

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I can vouch for axes r us, cruddy website, but the delivery service is brilliant, free and pretty quick. Most of their stuff is cheap and cheerful as well.

Craftsupplies I have used, great to speal to over the phone, but I wish I could pick stuff up in person (they sent me the wrong scale fretboard recently which was anoying.) Website is useless for what is in stock.

David Dyke although expesive was quick and quality, and he custum cut me a Wenge central laminate to order (at addition cost).

As far as US stuff goes, its unfortunate because it still turns out quite cheap to order from Stew Mac but you get hammered by custums, which can bring thing price back in par with just buying from the UK :D

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For european builders there is also shop.sollerguitars.com

Slovak luthier www.sollerguitars.com

I order from them all the time. They have som wood, hardware, tools and by e-mail you can order anything else necessary

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Axesrus Are great, they have a good selection of parts and you dont have to pay postage and packaging













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