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Duff Beer Man

2004 Tutorials - Duff

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Do It Yourself Pickguards, tutorial


Jun 6 2004,

Pic: Yes, in link

Complete: Yes


Building A Neck Jig, how to....


Aug 16 2004

Pic: Yes, in link

Complete: Yes


How To Fill A Pickup Cavity, or any other small holes


Oct 30 2004

Pic: yes in link (although they arent the best)

Complete: Yes


neck tutorial (lotsa pics), how i built my 31 fret neck


Apr 28 2004

Pic: No, dead links

Complete: Yes


Jeweling" Your Metal, Simple, beautiful, tedious"

Dugz Ink

Oct 3 2004

Complete: Yes

Pic: yes and no (there is a pic of what it looks like, but not of the process)


(not a tut, but a very good write up by lgm)

Chrome finishes, information for you.....

LGM Guitars

Sep 12 2004

Pic: Not avaible

Complete: Yes


Another Sunburst Tutorial

Myka Guitars

Dec 9 2004

Pic: Yes

Complete: Yes


New Tutorials on my site, build your own sanding booth/draft table


Sep 25 2004

Pic: Yes, but they are drawings

Complete: Yes


This is what i got so far.

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Duff- you missed a couple of the items in the format! :-)

Here's the format we need to use to keep everything uniform:

Title: Title of the tutorial.

Date: Not Star Trek time, please.

Topic Starter: User Name

Pics: No (means dead links/pics), Yes (means links/pics are working), Not Available (no photos ever taken)

Complete: Yes or No

Link: direct link to first post in the thread.

Check out Erik's compilation thread for an example.


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No rush.

We've got a couple of months before the unveiling of the new site, so take your time.

And even if you miss a few, we can always insert them later. At least we'll have the majority done.

Thanks again!

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