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Guitar Of The Month For April

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till midnight EST the 21st of March then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you

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Well here goes nothing. This is my 5-string fretless i built. This is my first ever project. Its neck is 9 laminate consisting of Maple, Purpleheart, Walnut, African Paduak, and 2 maple veneers. The body is laminated of Bubinga, Poplar, and Walnut veneers. The fingerboard is a lined fretless made from Bloodwood. It is coated in urethane and has green fiberoptic side markers. They light up by a single led in the control cavity and are ran with a resistor to come on when a cord is plugged in. The truss is a lmi 2way, and cavity covers are made from matching wood. The nut is also Bubinga. The finish is catalyst Urethane. Electronics are EMG Active Jazz PUPs, and Emg pots. Hardware is Gotoh. The bass plays great and i still get a wonder feeling every time i pick it up knowing i built it.

MoRe PiCs!!!





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ORMSBY Relic - Fender Stratocaster

Pete asked for a retro entry, so here goes....

This is a Fender Strat, 1975, that the owner had stripped back in the 80's and refinished (in his backyard) with dodgy boat varnish, and then never reassembled. The guitar was traded in for a new Fender just before xmas. What i got was a box of parts, a new decal, and a note to say "do something old". I had previously spoken to the store this work was being contracted by, but i had not yet done any work for them.


I got the guitar a couple days before xmas 05. The nitro arrived on Jan 4th. The guitar was stripped back that day. Sanding sealer > olympic white nitro > slightly tinted clear. All spraying finished by jan 10th. Relic work done on Feb 1st. That less than one month, nitro finish, inc cracking and relic work... who said you need to wait six months? pffft

The neck had been refinished in some sort of poly, and in the process, the decal was destroyed, and they sprayed straight over the dents etc. A new Fender decal was supplied. Dont ask me for them, im not a Fender repairer, so i cant get them off Fender.


All the parts are original, so no aging was required. Note the difference in colour between the pickguard and the back plate.



What relic job is complete without cracking and crazing?? I managed to get the original body cracks to reappear (secret), and a nice cracking effect over the entire body. Nope, its not done by freezing and then holding out in the sun... thats the plebs way of doing it.


Normally, when i do repairs or refinishes for stores, they either want THEIR store label on the back of the headstock, and no signs whatsoever about who/where/when a guitar was repaired/refinished. The Rock Inn have actually put up a sign AND a web page praising my work, so im really happy (that they are happy).

More pics HERE

Purchase this guitar from here: THE ROCK INN (Australia)

I'm about to start a run of handmade clones (different headstock) to meet some local demand. If anyone wants a nitro lacquered, handmade, seymour equipped (or Kinmans), tone monsters (relic'd or new), let me know. Cheaper than a strat, guaranteed to play, feel, look and sound better.

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Since my last post in the March GOTM contest, several very nice members have PM'd me and given me a better idea of the spirit of the GOTM.

So, to show there's no hard fellin's on my part, here is a more light hearted entry for this month.

This is a Lap Steel I built a couple years ago as a gift and then wasn't able to give it. You may see it again in the "For Sale" section sometime.

The guitar is built around a solid rock maple block. I'm not sure, but this thing may even qualify as a 2x4 project, I did get the maple from a local lumber dealer who I have seen cleaning deer in his place. Ya gotta remember, I'm from Iowa,

The body wings are mahogany and the top and headstock are bookmatched figured walnut.

The machines set on rosewood blocks that are morticed into the head. The machines look a little different, but allow for really easy access in a seated position.

The nut and bridge are machined (ok, filed) from solid brass stock. The bridge sets into a morticed cavity.

The "fretboard" is flamed maple with inlaid walnut strips and maple and walnut binding.

The pickup is a solid mounted single coil Schaller and has a maple burl ring.

The tailpiece and "truss rod" cover are maple burl with walnut and white ash accents.

(i.e. There is of course no truss rod, you couldn't move this neck with a floor jack.)

I'm not really much of a guitar player, but my player guru says it sounds "Really Thick". I don't really know what that means for sure, but I do know for sure that any guitar I play sounds the same "Really Bad". I of course compensate by playing "Really loud", but I'm sure none of you do the same.

Be Cool,

d ward




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Well its about time I added this wild beast!!! its all done and set up and I got the wireing working right

Maple 24 fret 25.5? scale 7-string neck Gotoh tuners

Zebrawood Fretboard with custom DOT WAVE inlay

Solid Ash body

DiMarzio humbucker with coil tap and with bigD's Custom made Varitone (VERY COOL THING) thanks for that bigD

Custom Black Onyx Boiling Blood deamon satan paint done by the man Jeremy aka LGM Guitars the Paint GOD!!!!!

This is one deadly guitar and it was one of the best things that has ever happend in my life

anyway on with the pics-----SORRY MY CAM STILL SUCKS






In the Paint booth





Out of paint and slaped together for some pics







The Guitar in the works








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Newbie here. Figured I'd show my first project. I've had this 70's Harmony Strat copy for a few years (someone gave it to me). It had a good alder body and a neck that's to die for. You know the kind of neck like on an old Fender, worn in just right. Anyway, since it was a freebie and I wasn't much on the old cream color, I thought it would make a great first refin' project. The changes: reshaped the headtock to appear more "Fenderish", put on my own custom decal using the Fender font, changed out all the electronics, and repainted. The paint job started as Daphne blue (Walmart equivalent). I did all the appropriate steps as recommended by Guitar Reranch (didn't know about this site then). I got a wild hair and took some sterling silver metallic craft paint and rag-rolled it over the Daphne blue. I was thinking it might give it a distressed look, but I kept adding more and got a really cool layered pattern like the way walls are rag-rolled for texturing. Put 6 coats of laquer over it and did the 800, 1000, 1200, 1600, and 2000 grit sanding. Used McGuires swirl remover and finishing compounds to get a beautiful mirror finish. I kept all the original pickguard, trem plate, vol/tone knobs, switch tips cause they had that aged white (almost yellow) look that still says "vintage". Here's the end result:




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Hopeless but whatever, this is my first real project, this was a BC Rich Bich , i sawed the wings off and glued these puppies on, i was trying a swirl, it doesnt look like a swirl but i do think it looks kind of cool, A gotoh distortion pickup in the bridge, hotwired. very low action, floyd against the body, plays pretty nice. it weighs 5 pounds has one strap button and balances well with its location.



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This is my first GOTM submission. Here goes nothing. This is a tele-style solid body I just finished. It's a 3pc brazilian mahogany/maple body with a quilted sapele top. The neck is maple with a rosewood fretboard (and skunk stripe). I inlayed paua abalone in the body and my logo is inlaid on the headstock. All gold hardware with abalone capped knobs. It has a tung oil finish on the body and satin lacqur on the neck. This guitar was wired with two humbuckers (GFS Dream 180s) and a dual coil tap. Pull the tone knob and you get outside coils, pull the vol knob and switch to inside coils. This gives 9 tone options that are each adjustable with the tone control. I also instaled the Buzz Feiten Tuning System for perfect intonation across the entire fretboard.

Click the pics for fullsize image


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Heres my first ever entry into GTOM. Hope it does well. Heres the specs:

25" scale

Black limba body with flame/burl maple top seperated by maple and wenge veneers.

Black limba neck double bound with ebony and maple

Dimarzio Norton (bridge) and Super II (neck)

Vol, tone and 3-way switch recessed into body






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Well, here she is, finally, my second guitar finished.... FINALLY FINSHED! she turned out really nice, after a couple weeks of some incredibly frustrating times. ill give you the specs, than the story, than the pictures.

Maple Body and Neck

Neck Through

Ebony Fingerboard with flamed maple binding

Custom Mother of Pearl Inlays

22 Jumbo Frets

4-2 Tuner Configuration

"Hot Rod" 2 way truss rod.

Schaller Bridge with Fine Adjustment Tuners

All Black Hardware

H/H/H pickup configuration

Dimarzio "Tone Zone" in the Bridge with a Custom Cover

Dimarzio "HS-2 Bridge" in the Middle (Stacked humbucker)

Dimarzio "YJM" in the Neck (Stacked humbucker)

Each pickup has its own volume, and coil splitting

1 Master Tone

Water based polyurethane was brushed on, then polished and what not

so heres the story. did all the work, went to put it together and ran into like 9 million problems. had tons of wiring problems which translated into a couple rewires in different ways, finally to this way that I've grown rather fond of. the neck problem was the bridge pickup fitting, stupid cover. so that had to be chiseled out a little bit. the neck was doing weird things when i first strung it up but that was fixed with a couple days of getting the truss rod just right. the action was WAY to high at the bridge end and WAY to low at the nut end. so after a bit of filing out the saddles on the bridge i finally got it to where i wanted it. and i had to use a flattened tooth pick under the nut to get it to a decent height.

Here is a close up of the body


Here is one of the back


One of the inlay and binding (2 firsts for me)


and one final picture of the whole thing


:D Enjoy!!

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I'm sure this will come as a shock to you all... but I have another cigar box guitar to enter. This one is a full up electric 6-string.

Everything used for the build was bought through eBay auctions. Everything was really cheap and either from unused parts or from Squire II tat that people had traded out. The neck is another eBay find for $15. Nothing special and that's why it's not pictured.

Okay. It's a semi-hollow cigar box Tele using a 1/4" thick all wooden cigar box that was just long enough to bolt a neck and bridge on for the 25 1/2" string length.

The box is filled with 2 planks of poplar maple to accomidate the bridge and neck. It gives them the support that they need for the string tension. The pickup routes are also in those poplar planks. What was interesting to try on this was the pickup holes on the lid. I was able to assemble all of the electronics on the lid, solder, and then shut the lid. It was very practical actually and something that I may try on a future build (of a real guitar).

One other interesting note is that the box has enough space above the pickups to cut an F-hole. It could become a Tele Thinline cigar box guitar. :D





Sound clip pending... It's nice a bright sounding, again, like a Tele.

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Introducing the tang top. This guitar is a culmination of a lot of new techniques and hardware I wanted to try. The body design is my own, and it incorporates a unique maple top. This thing really growls. The tremelo sounds great, even with low action. This guitar is one I will definitely be playing a lot.





headstock backstrapping and volute

body profile

close up of output jack and control cavity cover

oooh, flamed maple, oooohh

flamed black limba is the hotness, it's a scientific fact

controls close up

headstock close up

maple pickup covers

blackMOP purfling

baby got back and I cannot lie

Top: flamed maple 12 top

Body: Black Limba

Neck: flamed black limba

Headstock veneer, backstrapping, and heel cap: white rosewood

Fingerboard: white rosewood

Binding: flamed black limba with b/w purfling on body and headstock; black MOP purfling on neck

Scale Length: true 24.75"

Frets: 24

Pickups: Kent Armstrong overwound P90's

Switching: 4-way rotary

  • neck
  • neck & bridge series
  • neck & bridge parrallel
  • bridge
    • pickguard mounted volume
    • pickguard mounted tone thumbwheel


    [*]bridge: stetsbar tremelo

    [*]tuners: sperzel sound locks

    [*]output jack: angled strat style jack

    [*]strap buttons: dunlop recessed

    [*]p90 covers: flamed maple

    [*]pickguard: white rosewood

    Coloring: Black dyed top w/ black sunburst

    Finish: 2 part urethane

    For process pictures click here



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hello all,

i maight as well throw mine in! i doubt i`ll get anywhere considering the quality of the other guitars but hey, why not!

here she is:










mahogany body w/ contoured neck joint.

3pc mahognay neck

ebony fretboard

abalone side dots

gotoh tuners

schaller bridge

Emg HZ pickup

1 vol, 1 tone

just keepin it simple...... :D

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What the heck, I might as well throw my latest into the pot...

I've never been a big fan of Flying V guitars, but for some reason about six months ago I got a hankering to build one. I had to wait until I finished up a couple others that I had in the works before I could start on this project, though. I think I'm starting to get a little faster, as this guitar only took about six weeks from start to finish, not counting design time which I did while visiting my in-laws over the holidays.

The specs on the guitar are as follows:

  • Body: Body wings made from cherry, maple and bookmatched walnut front and back, classic "V" shape, tune-o-matic bridge, string-through design, Dunlop strap locks.
  • Neck: Neck-through design, curly maple, cherry and walnut laminates, ebony fretboard, mother-of-pearl "T" inlay at 12th fret, Gotoh tuners, graphite nut, dual-action truss rod.
  • Electronics: Seymour Duncan Custom-Custom in the bridge, and Jazz in the neck, volume control, 5 way "P" style super switch (gives same pickup combinations as a PRS), strat-style output jack plate on rear.
  • Finish: Tru-Oil






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