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For Sale: Necks, Bodies, And Other Stuff

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  • Metallic Blue Ibanez GSA-Style Body
  • Metallic Red Ibanez GSA-Style Body
  • Purple Telecaster-Style Body
  • Vintage Sunburst Telecaster-Style Body
  • Black Telecaster-Style Body
  • Les Paul-Style Project Body
  • B.C. Rich Junior V Project Body
  • Powder Blue Jaguar-Style Body with Pickups
  • Red Jaguar-Style Body with Pickups
  • Cherryburst Jaguar-Style Body with Pickups
    • Maple/Maple 21 Fret Neck
    • Ibanez Style 24 Fret Neck
    • Maple/Rosewood24 Fret Neck similar to a Carvin
    • Les Paul-Style Project Neck


    [*]Silver Dome Knobs

    [*]SSH Pickup Set

    [*]Wired SSH Fat Strat Pickguard

    piccies pliz

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piccies pliz

There are "piccies" of each guitar in the post at the top of this page.

The current auctions ended. More stuff should be listed tomorrow. If you are interested in anything, let me know and I will send you the auction links as soon as I get them.

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