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Dave M

7 string hollowbody?

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I am just toying with the idea of a 7 string hollowbody guitar. I would probably go with a flattop single cutaway single F hole design. It would be a fairly large bodied, guitar, and would probably have Carvin humbuckers in it. (I don't have the guts to carve an archtop yet.)

I would probably try to tighten up the string spacing a bit, and not make it as wide as a regular 7 string, as it would be a bit easier to play that way. I would also need to think about pickups. I was thinking of Carvins, as they have the 11 plepieces, and would have better coverage of seven strings. My other choice would be bar magnet pickups. Any other problems I would encounter? Anybody built this beast yet? The possibilities are endless here. I could see a 7 string 335 copy, or a totally custom archtop, with doubled F holes on the upper bout ,and a radical cutaway. Any plans out there?



If nothing else, I hope this stirs up some discussion in the acoustic column here. I can't be the only one in here who tinkers with acoustics.

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Sounds like a cool concept............Yeah figured I would get this section up before the acoustic players found the forum, don't worry they will come :D

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