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Guitar Of The Month For October

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till sometime around the 24th of September then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Make sure Your Guitar has a Name or Nick Name as well :D

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you, or ask forum members how to post pictures, they are very helpful.

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Well, it's been a while. This is what I've been up to as of late. I call these my Hybrid Series because they are in between a cigar box guitar and a full on electric. This one is inspired by the venerable Les Paul Jr. It's a volume hot rod made from parts spaning from the 1960's up to the present day!

The action is very low. Surprisingly, this is a real shredder because of that. Everything fits nice and tight. The sound is unreal, rich and creamy run through a Boogie amp. I can go from Blackmore to Buckethead on this thing. It's also mostly hollow, so you can play it acoustically as well. I guess that makes it a great travel companion too.

Anyway, enjoy. There are not too many people making these sorts of guitars nowadays, so it's becoming my thing. It's a real guitar, cobbled together with recycled mojo, and people notice these things. Next stop... eBay to sell it all back (since that's where most of the parts came from).


Stats for the "Cigar Box Guitar Jr."


Mahagony/Rosewood Epiphone neck, striped and relaminated with cigar box art. Lacquered.

Truss rod cover hand-carved from a mid 1970's Telecaster scratch plate. A bit Gretsch shaped, but it works.

Open back tuners with white "plastic" ivory. They look nice, and they were cheap.



Poplar filled, made in Honduras cigar box. A $2.50 purchase from my friend in Puerto Rico (Thanks Dog!).

1960's Teisco humbucker.

1970's gold TOM bridge and stop tail piece off a Yamaha (IIRC).

Chrome screws in place of the thumb wheels that didn't come with the bridge.

Gold volume knob, another eBay find off some other guitar.

Backplate (not pictured) is from another 1960's Teisco (my FIRST electric guitar in fact)


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Here's the Esquire version: the Lyre 1950




The specs:

Figured ash body (chambered using Scott French-style tuning fork design)

Bookmatched ash top

25.5" scale, two-piece (gnognon?) neck with extended tenon, ash headplate, rosewood fingerboard, two-way trussrod, carbon fiber tubes.

Nitro finish.


Grover locking tuners

Graphtech string trees and saddles

Top-mounted tele bridge plate with stacked Jerry Reid/Tradition Guitars humbucker pickup

Modified tele control plate

Schaller straplocks

This is the first neck I started but I ended up finishing it second. The rest of the build was pretty much completed at the same time as the Lyre 1954 (Jr. model). I'm really pleased with the humbucker --has the tele twang but with lots more balls and sustain. It's splittable, but so far I haven't bothered with that. Very comfortable guitar.

The body design of this one is slightly different from the first--I left more meat near the neck and between the horns. This gives the guitar better balance (or, more accurately, it allowed me to make a slightly beefier, heavier neck), and it also opens up the possibility of adding a second pickup.

Last longhorn (for now), promise!

More photos (clickable thumbnails):


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My 2nd entry for GOTM:

"Working man"-bassguitar. Fretless bass meets 100 years old woody shovel.


Neck and half of the body: aspen (thermo-version)

Fingerboard: beech

One jazz-bass-type of pickup + one DIY piezo-pickup.









Couple sound samples played by myself in my project page (these mp3-files, sorry page is written in Finnish):

My working man bass guitar project page

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I'll give this a try.

Name "Acanthus"

Guitar of my own design.

24.75 scale lenght

Neck: mahogany/ cocobolo

Fret Board: rose wood, maple inlay

Body: mahogany back, flamed maple top, cocobolo pickup holders

AlnicoII pro pickups, bridge and neck

gotoh tuners

shaped nut

and now for pics:





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here's the mahogany Ibanez S-series style 7-string i just finished.




the neck is maple with an ebony fingerboard. the body is African mahogany; i left the grain pores unfilled and sprayed it with thin coats of satin nitro.

the pickups are Duncan Jazz in the neck, Rio Grande Tallboy middle single, and a Duncan Custom in the bridge modded with an Alnico 5 magnet. the bridge and hardware are Ibanez/Gotoh. it has a custom superswitch wiring scheme that i designed to give a humbucker mode and a single-coil mode with 5 completely different coil cut combinations.

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This is a guitar I built for a friend of mine in the army. I call it the surplus special.

Sorry I don't have any better pictures I would like to have taken more but the guitar is sitting in germany right now with its owner


Heres a semi up close shot of the body its made of birch and I tell ya the tone outa this guitar blew me away.


Figures my mom would take the picture while I was yawning


Nice lil head stock shot nothin to fancy

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Thought I would try this again this month. Here is my 2nd complete guitar made, named Erebus 03, made for a friend who :D It has a 24" scale length and the Jaguar style body was made slightly smaller than an original. The headstock is larger than an original Jag and is shaped differently (although it is not so apparent in the photos).

Here are the specs:

Alder body

Curly maple and purpleheart neck, 9.5" radius on the birdseye maple fretboard

Hand-wound Kent Armstrong pickups (love the tone from these, I asked Kent to go for a "maximum twang" and these deliver)

Gotoh locking tuners

Nitrocellulose pickguard

Graphtech nut

Orange shellac finish under McFadden's nitro-lacquer clear coats

Cheers - Greg





Some more pics:


Top up close

Back of neck and heel

Back up close

Top - different angle

Top up close - different angle

Back w/neck figure

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okay, so havn't put anything up here before; and maybe not my 'best' effort;

but as the story goes.... ive had this bass in the shop for eeeevvver; id work on it for 5 min a week; because;

i built it for me; not that it will absolutly stay mine, but this is the bass i envisioned owning that i couldnt afford; so i got into building my own.

technically, this bass ended up costing me close to $40K with an addiction to buiding that is so bad i dont even play in a band any more; ah well; i hope you vote for me, but honestly im voting for guitart's Acanthus!


its a quilted body with bookmatched kingwood fingerboard with burl block inlays and burnt logo


the back is a spalted quilted (red?maybe) maple with wood cavity cover


it has a 5 piece neck

birdseye imbuya and purpleheart(center)


a closer shot of the fb and inlays (sorry glare)

it has bartolini jazz pups with 2 band pre amp

it sounds good and has the damn near best weight i have ever felt;

it dosent even take a head dive; which surprised me for the feather weight body

i call it "Burnt Butter"


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ok i have nothing better to do. here it is. the diamond plate one most of you dont like because its diamond plate. check it out

guitarheads duel hums

1 vol 1 tone 3 way toggle

.063" aluminum diamond plate top

zebrano neck with rosewood fingerboard with 24 frets, compound radius 10"-16"

set neck

grover tuners

tom bridge set up with string thru











thanks guys

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I finished this one a long time ago, but I don't think I've ever entered it into GOTM. I'll have a new acoustic (hopefully) in next months GOTM.

I call it Red Fire.

Pickups are seymour duncan with a 4 way rotary switch that adds a single coil split to the neck pickup not found on the normal humbucker 3 way setup. The finish is satin crystal clear.

Back/neck is mahogany and the top is flame maple, flame maple binding all around. It has a really sweet tone, this is one of the few guitars I've seen with a gold bridge that I actually liked. The tuners were chrome at the time of this picture, but will be changed to gold to match the rest of the hardware.





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This is a great month, a lot of good entries. I finished this one a few weeks ago.

Here are the specs

Body-black limba

Top-quilted maple

Neck-flame maple

Fingerboard-macassar ebony w/flame maple binding

Headcap-macassar ebony

Scale length-24 5/8"

Electronics- WB custom pickups, 2 vol, 2 tone, CAE CB2 preamp via push/pull bypass switch on bridge tone, flame maple rings, macassar ebony knobs and switch tip

Hardware-tonepros bridge (string-through body),sperzel tuners

Finish-double stained blue (top only), nitro lacquer

Weight-8lbs 6oz





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damn lots of good ones in this month!

this is my first semi hollow, first burst, first proper inlay

quilte maple/mahogany/quilted maple sandwich

flamed maple neck/fingerboard with m.o.p and abalone inlay

fireburst finish

bare knuckle p92 pickups

livewire tuned filter

gotoh hardware




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