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nice set of builds guys. trying to give a bit of constructive criticism on the builds, but thats just from my opinion, and the builds weren't for me (except mine). i didnt vote either because im in it.

maikman: nice looking strat. nice and simple design. love the look of the neck from the back. i find that the neck and the body colours are a bit too similar in colour for it to really stand out. the pickguard helps a bit, but something else could really add to it. i like the lack of inlay, but some dots or black blocks would help break up the similarities. either way, congrats on a great build, im just nitpicking on things that i think could improve how i react to it.

Strandberg Guitarworks: nice looking guitar. love the wood choices as well. nice pieces of cherry and i love wenge as well. nice sleek build. im not a huge fan of the raised controls, as id like to keep them tucked away, but then again you dont need to worry about hitting the knobs on a strum when using a bass. nice build overall.

jammy: nice looking build. nice looking top wood, but doesnt look that much like walnut (not doubting it, just doesnt look that walnut like to me). nice simple looks to show off the timbers. id like to see the neck join smoother with the lower cutaway, as opposed to 2 seperate sections. nice build though, whats the sound like with that single neck pickup on such a long scale? a bit of an odd build as most long scale guitars are used by metal players, but with no bridge pickup you wouldnt satisfy them very well.

oz tradie: great build, love the dye and the finish, as well as the timbers. the cutout in the back suits the design well, along with the lovely carving. only complaint is the back seems a bit bare compared to the front. it still looks great, but the single wood type (aside from the veneers) makes the back seem less interesting than the front, even if the wood does look great.

capu: looks great. the deep red colour suits the build, very nicely done. the natural binding looks good as well. im not sure im a big fan of the control layout. what is the scheme for the controls anyway? is it a master vol, vol neck, vol bridge and tone? or is one of them a balance with a tone control for each? either way it looks good. looking from the front to the back it looks like a completely different instrument (but still a good looking one). a very well carried out build.

black_labb is me!!

dawnofzion nice looking build. im not a huge fan of solid colours, but it suits the build. (i dont often like flamed maple much either, im somewhere in the middle). a very well built guitar from the looks of things. i dont like the neck join, isnt much wood around the bolt on, but its not your design and obviouslt it works wee enough. probably easier to play than a strat in the higher registers.

superfly nice looking build. good job on the dye and nice timbers. i like the carve, and its a good looking neck. the swirls on the mahogany around the knot look great. some good attention to details.

hooglebug nice build. like the unique shape. the carve is great too. im not a fan of the flamed maple with blue dye look, but its very well done. the thing that really draws me to your build is the back of the instrument. the way it is carved, and the contrast between the wenge neck and the mahogany (like the grain on ithe mahogany, its simple and nice). did i mention i love that neck?

great job everyone and good luck

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Unfortunately,Black labb,You forgot to constructively critisize your own...I'll help you.

I am not a big fan of the aesthetics of the "offset nut"...On plain wood like that,I would have opted for actual paint...to cover up the plain-ness...one of my pet peeves....

The lines of your guitar don't flow,I think you might in the future spend more time blending and making your curves flow smoothly...

Cavities...I know they are hidden after the guitar is assembled,but good routing says more about the craftsmanship employed than anything else,at least to me....the pickguard is also rough...I would have spent alot more time smoothing those edges out...

I don't get the way you end the fretboard...your inlay is cut in half on the bass side,which looks as if it was either badly thought out or used to cover a mistake...I have seen the taper used to great effect there before,but again,the lines don't flow...over all,the transitions from one part of the guitar to the other are not inspiring.

Decent enough for a first attempt,with alot of room for improvement.

Oz Tradie...great guitar

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Man ,this is a great group of builds....all of you did a good job.Just outstanding work all around.Wish I could give all of you a vote.I voted for Offset Nut,because it is not a your standard build.The thin body,and the way the neck was attached.I like the shape and flow myself.Again they are all great.All could win in a different field of contenders.

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Voted for OZ as well. I really like the wood you used and it looks very well executed. The only thing I would have done differently is the volute. It's rather large, but the guitar overall is stunning. Great job!

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First off, I love single humbucker guitars and a maple board is always a plus for me too. However, this build lacked the refinement that the other contestants showed with their builds. The back of the guitar looks really rough. It's the first build you did which is cool and I wish my first build had worked out this nice!


After seeing this bass I thought it was going to be retro GOTM! A 20 year old bass that still looks that good is a testament to its craftsmanship. The body looks really clean and I loved the raised controls. I would like to see pups other than Ibanez. All in all a great build and keep using that wenge!


your stuff always looks professional and clean! The body has originality to it and the clean shaved look gives it a classic car feel to it. As I said in your build post, It seems strange to me to see a neck pickup and no bridge pickup. (forgive me for overlooking the bridge transducers before) If I saw this on the wall at a store it would catch my eye but I think the lack of bridge pickup would throw me off.

oz tradie

This guitar was the cats meow for me! Super finish, clean look and that fretboard looks awesome. I love the inlay and the fret work looks killer to say the least. A lot of work went into this build with the multiple laminates. I thought the horns were a bit much for me but this guitar was every bit a professional build!


This was also a super professional build as well. The color choice and pinstripe inlay looks awesome. Whoever gets this guitar will surely love it! I also liked the semi-hollow design. The fretboard was nice too. I like minimal to no inlays on a fretboard. I've used the LR baggs bridge before and I know how they suck to install but it looks stealth on this build! The knob layout alludes me. I know it's a rotery switch but I would have went with an LP style layout. Also, the TOM adjustors are level/below the top of the guitar. As a consumer, it would throw me off.


I have to say I like seeing original designs over the standard LP, PRS or Fender copies and that is one awesome piece of walnut! I fell this guitar lacks the refinement that the other builds show. The inlay really did nothing to enhance the build and really pulled away from the unique shape that you have going.


I enjoyed watching this guitar being built. I love the reverse headstock and the maple board. I also love the color choice. It looks like a vintage Fender! The only thing that popped out negative to me is the neck pocket. I would have liked to see a little more neck/body overlap. I also felt the pickguard looked a little rough.


This was another really clean PRS build. I liked the fact that the neck angle was correct and the bridge wasn't sunk into the body. The nitro looks good and the bolt on idea was really nice too. It make maintenance a little easier too. This was a really clean build and I have nothing to critique other than it's a PRS shape


I liked the color of the top and the wenge neck. Two wenge necks in one month! I liked the minimal inlay work on the fretboards and everything looks really professionally done. The extreme carving of the top and the rounded back sort of threw me off with this build. It looks like it would be hard to hold without it sliding down on my lap.

I keep saying this month after month but it was another great month for guitar building. The major manufacturers should take notice of the work being done in the private market. If they did they would realize they need to step up their game!

I'm giving my vote to Oz tradie because it just really looks clean and well thought out!

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These are just my opinions that led me to my vote for oztradie.

Maikman: As a newb myself I appreciate the effort, but I'm not big on the stock Fender design.

Strandberg: Terrific natural finish. Love the neck through look. Great build. If I was a bass player you would have had my vote.

Jammy: interesting design and like the semi-hollow F hole feature to the design. Just not my cup-o-tea.

Oztradie: fell in love with the design features the first time I saw this. All the little features are great, and the laminate neck is a great feature to the back of the guitar. Plus it's all Aussie wood!! My only criticism is that the burst ended up a little lighter than during construction (where it looked amazing).

Capu: the more I look at this guitar the more I like. I think this is the reason I like it but didn't vote for it. Just didn't grab me immediately. Great build though.

Black labb: Have to be honest and say I don't like the shape and layout. But has to be given props for originality.

Dawnofzion: Once again don't like the shape and layout. I like the finish and features, just guess it messes too much with my preconceived ideas of guitar shapes....

Superfly: Great build. Really like this, close second to Oztradie's.

Hoodlebug: I'd already made my mind up by the time you had posted. But this is a great build. I love the lines and the originality of the carve. Would have prefered to see the finish as a burst to really highlight the carve.

Just my thoughts as an amateur.

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i can understand some of the somments about my build. the only thing that i regret is cutting off the end of the fretboard. i thought it would keep up with the angled theme, but it doesnt suit it that well. if it were wider i could have done a nicer curve to it, but at that angle it just looks like it was cut off. i guess i keep that in mind for the next times. reguarding the plain wood, i personally prefer something like walnut or oak to flamed maple. just my opinion, and i know that i feel differently than about 95% of guitarists. i do like flamed necks though. thats just my opinion. i chose walnut as i thought the colour would look great on the build.

the fretboard is a bit rough with the edges, but where it is rough it doesnt show on the photos really. some of the edges look bad due to the resizing of the photo and/or the angle the photo was taken on. im not saying its better than it looks, just that the roughness you see isnt really there. i will smooth the pickguard at some stage when i take it apart.

overall im very happy with my build. it is an excellent player and sounds great.

and congrats to oz tradie on winning (seems to be that way), and a great build.

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Hey OZ Tradie, didn't you kill my bruvva?

As Yngwie said, "I just love the flame, man". "Do you know what you have just done? You have Unleashed The Fury".

And relax, you got my vote.

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I voted for Oz Tradie... why?

1. Unique design. Fair enough it's a stratish shape, but he has gone a lot further than that.

2. I love neck through's, and this one is executed with fine precission

3. Laminates. They don't really do much but enhance the appearance, and they've done it very well here. I am voting on the apperance of the guitar and build quality, so lamintes definately help get my vote.

4. The Aussie timbers. It's a fantastic combination of all Aussie woods. I can't wait to actually hear this guitar!

Well done to everyone.Aftter narrowing it down, it was very difficult to decide between the finaly three: Superfly's awesome looking PRS style (awesome looking guitar overall, not sure about the cavity cover tho), and hooglebug's AF Desiree (love the blue finish, and the risk with the extreme carve).

In the end, Oz Tradie's All Aussie Neck-thru won it for me!

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Congratulations to all entrants on some fantastic builds.

Maikman: Great job. I'm not a fan of strats at all so this one couldn't get my vote but good effort 1st time around.

Strandberg: Really like the natural timber look with black hardware....I also like the plate you made for the controls. Good build.

Jammy: To me, a very unique shape and full marks for trying something different. I would love to hear this build given the neck only pup, scale length etc......quality looks good although cc cover perhaps a tad rough.....I am no expert on these (cc covers) myself and they are very punishing on the eye with the slightest discrepancy so not picking at all! Great natural timbers here!

Oz Tradie: To me this is the standout build by a long margin. The quality is exceptional. The attention to detail is staggering, the carve top style (3 layers), the 'barb' effects on the upper and lower horns, THE TRUSS ROD COVER, the recessed area at the bottom of the body, the mirror finish etc. Congratulations on what I consider to be a master piece....try and top this one OZ!!! To me this is a great example of taking some tried and tested design ideas and improving certain aspects and TASTEFULLY applying subtle differences to achieve a unique result.

Capu: Very nice, neat and professional looking build. I am personally not a fan of the hollow body electric though......again, not a criticism. Great build and came in second for me. Lacked a bit of originality for mine compared to OZ build.....

Black Labb: Full marks for making everything yourself and trying some unique and very different concepts to what we normally see. Well done.

Dawnofzion: Build quality looks very good so big credit for that. Again, strats are not my thing at all and this appears to be a strat hybrid. Again, great craftsmanship.

Superfly: I really like this build a lot. Nice choice of timbers and very pleasing and easy on the eye. A great prs copy, no doubt.

Hooglebug: Again great build quality from what I can see. Nice colour. Body shape and carve design not to my taste, the bottom section of the body that sticks out just looks a little out of place/proportion for me. Not a fan of the CC cover on this one either I'm afraid. Well done though on the originality stakes!

May I also say a great big WELL DONE to all entrants both this month and in the past! I hope to finish a build one day that I would be proud enough of to subject to such scrutiny....that day will come. :D

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