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Bandsaw Blade Performance Test

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1k cuts sounds pretty dang good to me.

i dont recall, what kind of bandsaw are you using, Rich? you say 18", but what brand?

man i missed a great deal on craigslist a while back. it was a huge 18" bandsaw, even had casters and everything. it was almost new, and all set up. 500 bucks the guy wanted, and probably would have taken 450. but no i decided to wait. i missed my opp. my 12" craftsman wont cut anything thicker than 2.5 inches. i dont know why. its old and has no power. it only cuts well cross cutting.

It is a Steel City 18". Very reasonably priced IMO. The only significant upgrade on the saw is the bearing guides. They come with the same style bearings all the other brands use, I pressed those off and replaced them with wider needle bearings over twin ball bearing style(it is about $125, plus cost of pressing if you have it done buy a machine shop). I have been very happy with it.


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