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Guitar Of The Month For May

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till sometime around the 24th of April then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Make sure Your Guitar has a Name or Nick Name as well :D

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you, or ask forum members how to post pictures, they are very helpful.

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well, why the heck not right?

this was dubbed the "Kaye Kustom" by my family

my first real build, from scratch. with no previous woodworking experience, done almost entierly by hand, except the joining and planing of the neck laminations (that was done by a jointer :D)


25.5" scale length

Maple/Bubinga/maple Thru neck construction

Ebony Fingerboard w/ phoenix MOP inlay

Bubinga body

liberon oil finish, w/ blackbison wax buffed to a dull shine

the "Kustom" has a partial fretless section 17-24 fret, for those krazy arabian style sounds i love doing, she plays beautifully, has a really nice thick, full, crisp distorted tone.



hpim0154ut3.jpg, she looks best from behind :D

p8060090ro7.jpg, but has a pretty face aswell <3

Brand new sound clips i did for this contest, thru an Engl Fireball, relitivly ok quality from my webcam!

Thanks for considering me!

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Sure why not I'll try again :D

I'll call this one ROB because thats the name of the current owner.

Redeemer Five String Scroll

34" Scale

fretted set neck

3 piece body streaked poplar bottom, Purpleheart center and Sappy Walnut top

3 piece neck bubinga, jatoba

Single truss

marado fingerboard

Wilkinson hardware

Self built/wound stacked humbuckers

matching covers

walnut and bubinga knobs

Aguilar two band preamp 18volt

A slap and pop monster! :D





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Hi All,

Here is my third entry, no my fourth I think anyway. This guitar is called the Revelation.

This is the prototype for this model and has been in the works for several years and I finished it in Dec.07

The guitar was scheduled to go to winter NAMM in the AxeTrak booth. As I was doing the final set up on the guitar

I noticed some small cracks in the ebony finger board not what a person wants to see three days before departure. I tried to

salvage the neck but the glue joint would have nothing to do with that notion which left me one option. New neck.

Luckily I had some blanks already glued up, and was able to finish everything up the day before I flew out. :D

The finish is a three color burst starting with lemon yellow, vintage amber, and finally the cherry red. I hope you guys like her.


Revelation Specs. are as follows

5 piece curly maple/bubinga stripes

Black headstock

Ebony fingerboard

13 degree headstock angle

25" scale fingerboard

12" radius neck

RSG logo inlay at 12th fret/MOP

White side dot markers

Jumbo frets

Bone nut

Sperzel standard tuners/ Satin Chrome

Dual action truss rod

Chrome Neck Mounting Ferrules

/With stainless steel screws

Mahogany Body with Curly maple cap

Three color Cherry Burst / Nitro Finish

Invader Seymour Duncan in the bridge

/with chrome PU ring

SH-2 Seymour Duncan in the Neck

/with chrome PU ring

TOM Bridge/ Chrome

String through body design/ Chrome

Shielded electronics cavity

1 Volume, 1 Tone

Chrome Metal dome knobs

Three way selector switch/ Chrome

9-46 gauge strings





Here is a picture of Paul Gilbert the Revelation and Me

Picture 5

Carrina Alfie Revelation and Me

Picture 6

John "JD" Deservio bass player for Black Label Society

Picture 7

Finally the link to the Revelation Page on my site


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I just finished this one this week.

I call it "Orion"

30" scale

Black Limba body

Curly Maple/Wenge/Purple Heart set neck

Macassar Ebony F/B

Lundgren M-8 pickup

Matching wood pup cover, and control plate

Strung with .010-.080






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Name: Jimbo's Dobro (named for my chum Jim Frets for whom this was a gift)


Shopping on the hardware isle I got a drawer pull, a few brass bolts, and some eye screws. Oh, and a galvanized deck screw for the single "bolt on" screw.






Somewhere around a 22" string length,


resonator cone attached to a tamborine in a mid-1950's western cedar cigar box.

Brass hardware,

Corian nut borrowed from Home Depot sample drawer,

poplar neck.

Sound clip (not bad for a $25 guitar):


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Name: Dixie Maid Factory Throw Outs - Cigar Box Bass.



Note the black drywall screws and dress washers for the bolt on. Door stopper added to the butt end for "stand up" playing. :D


More eye screws! I love these little babies.




It's a P-Bass made from a bunch of parts from eBay. Everything on this bass was broken.

Neck, cheap second or third rate work. Lots of chip outs on the side that were filled with a epoxy/sawdust mix.

Strings, used, another eBay find.

Rusty squire bridge.

Pickup, probably an active pickup, or just a really bad passive one. There's very little output from this thing.

Dixie Maid Factory Throw Outs box dates from 1936, badly cracked on the back, and another cheap eBay find.

Surprisingly snappy sound fit for Primus or early Rush. Plays the bass part in this clip...

Band Of Nixies

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Is there a rule about how many guitars I can enter? On we go...

Name: Quintero Esquire Tele (a.k.a. Boobs)


All dressed up with a set of nickel corners. Converted hex nut for the volume knob. And, the output jack cup is a finger pull cabinet door thingy.


Poplar has some ugly grain, but this will be painted over with white epoxy enamel and the "Gloria Estafan with breast enhancements" paper will be put on as an overlay. Truss rod cover made from a peach packing crate and a thin slice of cedar taken from a cigar box.


Nothing too surprising on the back. Black felt paper added. More deck screws and dress washers for the bolt on and ferrules.



Short scale (about 23") single coil Tele,

Old style 3 barrel bridge,

hidden Piezo electric pickup switch hidden in the input jack (stereo plug).

Still needs a finish coat and the "boobs" overlay put on the headstock.

Sound clip...

She's is dead on for Funk 49 by the James Gang!

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Another one?! Yes, these were all part of my 10 guitars in 10 days project. You could have been subjected to MORE! This is the last one, I swear. :D

Name: The Hoyo Cannon (for radio DJ, AJ Cannon)

Oooh, antique brass corners on this one!



More drywall screws and dress washers.


AJ wanted to have his airname "Cannon" on the guitar somewhere. I found a small metal tobacco tag from a Cannon tobacco company. Attached to the headstock with a little epoxy and covered with a clear enamel.




24.75" Gibbo scale, reused neck from some LP copy.

A nearly matched pair of old strat single coils with aged white (now cream) covers, wired in series as a humbucker.

Gold hardware everywhere.

Locking tuners (on a CBG?!?!).

Output jack cup is reused cabinet hardware, similar to the Quintero Tele.

String through ferrules are some surplus press-in screw anchors.

Sound: Oh, yes. Paul Kossoff, and Carlos Santana for that wicked vibrato. Also (cringe) Yngwie J Malmsteen if you rip through the harmonic minor scale. Listen back to the Band Of Nixies clip up in the Dixie Maid Cigar Box Bass... This is the guitar playing the "Shave and a Haircut" riff.

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Lol Jehle, you spammed this month! :D

Shoot my birthdays is may 1 so I guess I'll enter. :D

I only have a few photos of this guitar, the customer picked it up just a few days after we finished it.

It's a lefty

Mahogany back/sides/neck

Spruce top

Fishman pickup

Schaller tuners with ebony buttons

Ebony fingerboard with MOP dot inlays





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Here is another 8 string I built for Chris letchford of Scale the Summit.

25.5" scale

Tuned low B to high G

Curly maple Droptop over African Mahogany body.

African Mahogany/maple neck

Bokote Fretboard

Custom wound Nordstrand pups

Hipshot bridge

Planet waves tuners

Fiber optic side dots with 4 position rotary switch for multi colored fiber optics (off/red/ blue/green)

The burst was shot directly on the wood using aniline dye with an airbrush.





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hmm, well, i finished another one, it about as un-flashy as you can get but it sounds and plays incredibly.

Swamp ash body, indian rosewood neck, ebony board.

grover tuners, hipshot hardtail, stainless steel jumbo frets.

tonerider H-90's

tung-oil finish

body is a bit thicker than a standard tele, neck is like a Nocaster but with a light V to it.




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This is my first participation to the GOTM vote. The guitar has following specs:

Spruce top

Maple bottom, sides and center block

Mahongy neck with rosewood fingerboard

SD Phat-cat pickups. I will change the bridge PU to SD custom 5 when I get it

EDIT: I forgot to give a name to it. Let the name be "Punakone".





Some pictures during building process:












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I´m 15 and I want to present my second bass.


Body: 1 piece Padouk(the form is from a german bassbuilder)

Neck:1Piece Curly/birdseye neck with Wengé Skunkstripe

Hardware:Schaller Bridge 3 D 4, 1 SD Basslines Jazz-PU and 1 SD Basslines Precision PU

Electronic:State Variable Filter

Inlays:The Dots and sidedots are made out of Wengé


Finish:Danish Oil;the Fingerboard is stabilized with epoxy

I´ve tried to make as much as I can by my own.So only the Pu´s,Bridge and electronicparts are not made by myself.











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Well I wanted to take some better pics but the card reader is acting up so these will have to do. I'll call it "First born Sun" since it's my first build and well it's kinda orange.

Mahogany neck and body with a figured maple top(obviously).

Bookmatched headstock overlay and truss rod cover.

Ebony board

25" scale

Schaller mini's

Rio Grande Texas/BBQ pup set, push/pull tone knobs for splitting





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Well, why not!

I've named this The Temmp. It stands for TElecaster in Maple, Mahogany, & Padauk.



maple core

mahogany wings with spalted maple tops and a padauk dividing layer

padauk stringers between core & wings


maple neck

padauk fretboard

padauk "J' inlay in headstock

M.O.P. dot inlays


Steinberger gearless tuners

Bigsby vibrato

roller T.O.M. bridge

electrosocket input cup

custom padauk pickguard

custom maple bridge pickup ring

custom padauk knobs & switch tip


Bill Lawrence noiseless telecaster pickups

1 volume w/ trebel bleed mod

1 tone

4-way blade pickup switch:

neck, both paralell, both series, bridge


sanding sealer

rattle-can lacquer on body, pickguard, and pup ring

brush-on lacquer on neck

wet-sanded to 3000 grit

Maguires swirl remover

The tone of the guitar is a nice mix of bite & warmth. It has all the twang and attack of a typical telecaster, but a lot of warm tone thanks to the mahogany. The sacrifice for that warm tone is a LOT of weight. It about as heavy as a Les Paul. In the pics, the padauk layer running between the spalted cap & mahogany wings doesn't show up very well. On the back, you'll notice one lonely, out of place spot of flame. You can't see it on the front - it's right under the bridge.

This has been an extremely valuable learning experience for me. Thank you to everyone who chimed in with help or advice.

Build Thread





full front shot

full back shot

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