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Guitar Of The Month For June

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till sometime around the 24th of May then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Make sure Your Guitar has a Name or Nick Name as well :D

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you, or ask forum members how to post pictures, they are very helpful.

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Here is my entry for June. It is my RockBeach CamelBack 35" scale length Bass. It is an extended horn design for balance as it is a chambered body made from crotch Cuban mahogany with bookmatched figured purpleheart top, rear cover, and truss rod cover. The neck is a Warmoth Gecko bubinga/purpleheart laminate with ebony fingerboard and SS frets. Pickup is Bartolini MM series wired for series/paralell/bridge for three distinct tones. Tuning machines are Hipshot as are the Tripleloc bridges. These are the new shots of it...





I haven't received shipment yet of the XXL strings I need for it to string through the body, but my band's bass player tried it out Wednesday and said it had a teriffic variety of tones available and the string articulation with it was incredible with a real feel of power behind the notes... I was there when he played it and I couldn't be any more proud of any instrument I have built to date even including the original CamelBack that started this whole journey!

Update: I have received the DR Strings and she is now strung through the body... Rings like a piano and with power to spare!! I don't even play bass, and it is going to kill me to give this one up! At least I know it is going to someone who will really appreciate and play the living hell out of it! That is what it is meant for, after all...


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Gotta play to win!

I will call this one Chris from Cali

Four string Redeemer Scroll bass

34" Scale

Set neck construction

Maple lined ebony fingerboard with abalone side markers

5 Laminate neck of maple and wenge

Crotch walnut top

Mahogany core

Sappy walnut bottom

Wenge accents all around

Matching headstock (Mahogany core, walnut top and bottom)

Matching cavity cover

Hip Shot Ultralight Tuners

Hip Shot A style Bridge

Self Wound Neo Mag single coils (wound mighty hot too I might add!) :D

Walnut pickup covers with exposed poles

Audere Classic preamp 4 band EQ 18volt

Fully shielded

Semi gloss poly finish, open pores

Some nice wood in this one, I wish I could find some more walnut like that!

My next entry will have much better pictures. :D





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OK, so here she is, quite while in the making: my first acoustic. She has quite a story behind her. I finished her over a month ago and played her for a week, then brought her back to my friend's shop where I work to do some last fret job touch-ups. I pulled the strings from the bridge and balled them up at the tuners so as not to waste a perfectly good set of strings by taking them off. Needless to say, in my week of intense playing I had put a scratch in it and my friend goes "well since you have it back in the shop, I'll buff that out real quick" (I was working on another guitar that's why he said he would). There was a USELESS piece of metal on one or the buffing arbor arms (it has since been removed) and as he was buffing out the scratch a string caught and my guitar's neck ended up wound up in strings. The strings dug into the neck in some places, the headstock was quite mangled, etc. I ended up having to reshape the neck to get rid of some of the gouges from the strings, and we had to totally re-headplate it because the old one was destroyed. The body only had some finish dings and chips from hitting the wall (never hit the floor) that had to be refinished. So without further adieu, I present the 2.0 version of her!

-She's an OM size acoustic with a little extra depth.

-Redwood top from Fryovanni (amazing!)

-Honduran mahogany back/sides and neck.

-Ziricote headplate, binding, wedge, bridge, backstripe, and rosette.

-Ebony with abalone unslotted bridge pins.

-Red abalone rosette ring.

-3 part pickup the world pickup system (under-saddle and dual soundboard transducer as well as a magnetic pickup on the soundhole).

-Nitro finish done by your's truly, the neck is tru-oiled.

Here's the whole front and back.


Here's the backstripe and the two-layer headplate (that's flamed redwood in the step-down, also, the "medallion" inlay was salvaged from the old headplate):


Although I LOVE to do complex inlay work, on my personal guitar I like something subtle and classy. Here's my moon and reflection (red abalone moon and rippled green abalone water/reflection):


Here's the tail wedge:


Bridge and pickup:


Here's one of the main unifying themes of the build, asymmetry!! The rosette's ziricote is asymmetric, the cut-away makes the body asymmetric, the use of both .060" and .040" b/w/b purfling in the rosette is as well, etc. Word to the wise... shell besides paua does NOT hide joints as well.


Lastly, here is the ONLY picture of her before the mishap... when she still had her headplate with the flamed maple drop-down instead of flamed redwood.


I think that about covers it...

Oh, and she sounds AMAZING. She's very loud and the ballace created by the tonal characteristics associated with redwood and hondo mahogany are awesome. The one comment that most people make about it (was at a luthier convention with her yesterday) is the amazing amount of definition between strings it has.


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I guess it's about time this finally entered the GOTM, but its finally completed, so here it goes:

First off, though I designed this top to bottom I gotta give credit to luthier Vadim Pashin and the rest of the Shamray staff for the work that went into this. The binding was a real pain but hey, it got done.

Name: "Sentinel V" on here and through the design process / officially "CS#1986 Babiak Custom"

Construction Method: Neck-thru

Neck: Maple (hard rock maple)

Neck features: Standard 3-piece (with slightly angled headstock)

Fretboard: Ebony, compound radius

Frets: 24 – Sintoms "6100" (medium tall, AKA "Jumbo")

Nut: Derlin – 43 mm

Fret markers: Split parallelograms - half in white pearl, half in black pearl

Fretboard binding: Single layer fretboard, 7 layer headstock

Body wood: Mahogany

Body binding: 7-layer

Scale Length: 25.5 inches

Strings: Ernie Ball Hybrid-Slinky

Machine heads: Sperzel locking (black)

Bridge: Kahler

Pickup: Bill Lawrence L-500XL (zebra)

Electronics: Switchcraft mono jack, 1 volume, thats it!






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This is the EVX II Dominator

It's a redesign of my EVX model with a slimmer body and sharper lines.


Solid Maple


Maple with Rosewood board

25.5" scale

12" radius

24 Dunlop Jumbo frets

Pearl Dots

Schaller Tuners

Dual action truss rod

ZDG Bat Wing reverse headstock!!!!


Guitarheads active pickup

flat mount jack

Battery box

Orange drop cap

1 tone, no volume

Cover plate is smoked Lexan so you can see the electronics


Leo Quan Bass Ass bridge with Schallar fine tuner attachment

This is why I used the locking nut. I wanted the ultimate in tuning stability and thought this would be a cool idea to try.


Textured stone with a matte hardcoat

On to the fun!










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Well, here is my contribution to the GOTM concourse. She is a headless travel guitar with full scale neck and built in effect.

The body has the controls in a centered and simetrical position because I´m righty but my older child is lefty and in this way the guitar can be easily changed to be played for him in the future.

The complete project include the guitar, a little DIY clone of the Marshall MS-2 Amp, the battery charger and the DIY custom case.

I finished this little baby last month and I was not sure about participate with her but my older child convinced me.

He named her ¨Little Rocker¨, the specifications are :

- Body : Mahogany with a jacaranda strip in the middle.

- Neck : bolt on headless maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.

- Fret markers : dots.

- Scale : full 25.5 inches scale with 24 frets.

- DIY Headpiece.

- HardTail bridge.

- DIY Tuners.

- Pickups : Two GFS Hex humbuckers.

- Electronics : built in DIY SansAmp GT2 pedal with rechargeable 9V Battery and DIY charger circuit.

- Controls in the front : one toggle switch to select pickups, two volumes and effect ON/OFF switch.

- Controls In the back : GT2 pots and switches with mahogany/jacaranda cover.

She´s extremely quiet, and plays really well. The balance is very good if you play standing and is very confortable to play seated too.

I´m very satisfied with the results, hope you like her.





More indoor pics :





More outdoor pics :




The DIY Headpiece and Tuner :




The complete project (guitar + Amp + Battery Charger + Custom Case) :



For those of you interested in step by step pics here is the completed thread :


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built by tbone @ boner guitars

27.5 baritone scale

29 jumbo frets

2 piece maple neck

maple body w/ alder wings

'ohms law' logo on 12th fret

kahler pro trem w/ mixed chrome/black parts

dimarzio pink x2n

mini grover tuners

1 volume & 1 on/off mini switch

custom glitter pink finish

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Introducing...the F3nder Stratobastard





This is a modification of a modification I made to a factory-built guitar. The original guitar was alder, I added a maple top (and faux binding), the carve, the swimming pool route, the trem route. I prepared the logo using Photoshop and ALPS-compatible decal paper.

The (very nice) neck is made by Goldo (Germany), has a 7.25" radius that I really like.

I wanted a chimey Strat-like sound in a Tele body, and I got it. The Trem King works really well, the killswitch less so (clicks a lot, but it's fun anyway).

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Here is my second entry to GOTM. I have made this guitar for four years ago. The reason I did not participate ealier with this guitar is simple, I found the forum recently.

The guitar is ash body Tele. Thinline construction.

Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.





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Here's my version of a reverse V with a twist. I worked with a marketing firm to design a Mavericks styled guitar for their catalog. This is very closed to the actual logo with a few updates to make it playable. And it is very playable. Check out the video that I have showing build images as well as a few friends jamming on it. The guitar is a solid body poplar with a maple neck and fretboard. Humbucker and two single coils off a vintage Japanese guitar that I bought on eBay. I did all the painting using colored lacquer and a bunch of masks. I was even able to add white be flecked with some pearl additives I bought at a local hobby shop. I have donated this guy to an art guitar auction and it will be sold during a 3 day concert event in Richardson Texas call the Wildflower Festival. The proceeds benefit our local ISD art programs. I got to see the other builds and I have to say that as wild looking at this Mavs guitar looks all the others are just as incredible this year. However mine is the only totally hand made instrument. Hopefully that will show in the bids.




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Here is my third entry to GOTM. It's hollowbody Les Paul-type of guitar. The body is totally hollow, not semi-hollow with center part.

Some info about it:

Body: Front and back Finnish birch, sides Finnish pine. F-holes are my own design.

Neck: thermo-handled aspen with rosewood fingerboard and block inlays. 25" scale

Flax oil finishing with black/blue/red color combination.

Pickups de Armond-type of ones designed by Keith Amstrong.

Wilkinsson lock-type of tuners.

Bibsgy-clone vibra with roll-bridge.



You can find some sound samples from this link:


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Ormsby Multiscale Custom

Body: Light weight Alder (carved top)

Neck: One piece Wenge (set neck) 43mm nut width, 21.5 >> 22.5mm thick D shape

Fretboard: Ebony with "Splayed Scallops"

Inlay: Mother of Pearl

Pickup Neck: Wenge topped handmade single coil

Pickup Bridge: Solid Wenge bobbins, handmade Alnico 5 humbucker

Electronics: Volume and Tone, with push/pull on tone control to coil split bridge pickup

Machineheads: Gotoh

Bridge: ABM Mueller Individual string bridges

Total build time: 19 days

Total video footage available:

Total photos available: Lots

Full detail thread here





Video footage:

Fretboard inlay and machining

Fretwork and scalloping

Timber machining

Neck shaping

Body carving

Cavity routing

Routing and setting the neck

Neck joint and lacquer work

Making the pickups

Assembly and setup/intonation, play test

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y3wqZ0JovqU The client rocks up, first time being played

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWfEGdTtSUE The client rocks up, first time being played part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6nbyCuEXpA Live gig test (Montage) at the U.T.I. band Album Launch three days after picking up the guitar


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Here's another one of my rustic themed guitars,

We'll call this one "crusty"


Like the "privycaster" I did a while back, this one has a weathered cypress top on a sassafrass back.

The neck on this one is Hard maple, with a persimmon fretboard.

Position markers are slices of #6 copper wire


The pickguard, control cover, and jack plate are hammered copper which I subjected to a mixture of ammonia and salt to create the cool blue/green patina.

All the hardware is nickel, and I used a commercial antiquing solution on it to blacken it.

Bridge is a Gotoh tuneamatic, tuners are from Guitarfetish.

Tailpiece is a part of a iron strap hinge, like on others I have done.

Pickups are generic p-90 soapbars. I coated the covers with shellac, using a sponge, gives a wierd antiquey look that doesn't show up so well in these pics.

Knobs are bakelite, from some unknown ancient audio equipment. Big and clunky, but man, they feel good!


Neck is glued in, with a full width tenon running under the pickup.


Headstock Front and Back

And Full Frontal shot

Vote for it, and I promise I will get a better camera :D

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