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Entry for October 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


Guitar Of The Month For November

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till sometime around the 23rd or 24th of October then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There may be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Make sure Your Guitar has a Name or Nick Name as well otherwise one will be given to it :D

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you, or ask forum members how to post pictures, they are very helpful.

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I'll go ahead and get this one rolling with one I call "the weight"

The name comes partly from the song by The Band, but also from the control plate which I made from the face of an old produce scale.


The body is butternut, with a really gnarly weathered beech barnwood top.

The neck is red maple, with a persimmon fretboard, and black pearl dots.

I battered the butternut with a 2" polished stone ball over the entire surface, and then wiped black and brown tinted shellac on and off of it until it looked like this:


The neck is finished the same, but without the distressing.

The tailpiece is a cast iron drawer pull, and the knobs are a wooden thread spool cut in half.

Pickups are samshin humbuckers, with chrome covers and metal rings which I hammered, antiqued, and recessed into the barnwood.


The bridge and tuners are imports, with an antique silver finish, kinda like pewter.

The trussrod cover is another piece of the scale face I used for the control plate.


More pictures:

Back of headstock

Neck joint

Full frontal

Front detail

So there it is, this will probably be the last of these full blown rustic builds I will enter. I will certainly keep building them, but if I enter another GOTM, it will be something different.


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Ok the TOXIC V

Set neck Ebony Board

25.5 Scale 24 fret

7-string Invader Pickup

String thru Bridge





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Hey Guys,

Thought i might aswell enter this in the GOTM for november. I have been calling it mark 1 and Caro is the last 4 letters of my lastname.

some specs

Body: Teak with a curly red gum top.

Neck: Vic ash with australian bouree fingerboard

Scale: 25.125 inch or 641mm right in the middle of a gibson and a fender. 22 frets.

P/Ups: Dimarzio Fred in the neck and Dimarzio super distortion in the bridge position.

3 way switching

It has taken about 4months to build on the weekends and was my first build from scratch.





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well a lot of people seem to like this one so i shall put it in. plus novembers my birthday so :D hehe.

Deco S Jnr. "Tri-caster"

black limba neckthrough with ebony fretboard/binding.

15 year old (ish) kent armstrong burns tri-sonic pickups with series/parallel wiring

10 year old schaller deluxe tuners (still solid as a rock)

gotoh 510 wraparound bridge

black burst finish

for those who are interested, here are the pickup selections








5-way + push/pulls adds



neck+middle phased

neck+bridge phased

neck+middle+bridge phased


blend pot

blends between neck+middle - middle+bridge and includes all three on together

push/pull on vol (introduces bridge in parallel mode) takes out middle pickup in series giving neck+bridge in midway position of pot.

push/pull on tone phases bridge pickup as per parallel

and finally some pics





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My first GOTM entry :D

So here is my Latest. I call it ResoFusion.

I built this with only ideas. No plans, just start and make it work. It all began as the fretboard from my original attempt at a Reso. It is a round neck and can be played as a conventional acoustic, It can also be played as any Dobro/ Reso by using a nutcap extension and raising the TOM to allow for slide, either played as a Round Neck or Lap Steel.


25" scale, malagasy rosewood fretboard, 14" radius.

Curly maple and black walnut neck, with cantileverd bolt on mounting 3degree neck angle.

Corian Nut, custom made Martin style truss rod

Back and sides are Birdseye Quilted Maple, with Black walnut and Curly Maple bindings

Top is Striped African Mahogany with a Birdseye Quilted Maple custom Cover.

TOM bridge mounted on a custom Biscuit over a Beard cone with a Trapeze String mount.

GFS tuners

The body size and shape are loosely based on a 000 size Acoustic. This is smaller.

Headstock, is Ibanez inspired, with Striped Mahogany veneers Front and back.

It plays wonderfully, The tone is very nice. It intonates well with the TOM.

Thanks for looking Mike.





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The quilt maple Nova


back: wenge

top: quilt maple

neck: birdseye maple

fingerboard: ebony

pickups: EMG 81/60

strap locks: dunlop

blue semi gloss finish





Link to album with more photos.

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my first guitar i have made, i made it custom to what i wanted at the time from the ground up. im gonna call it a 'R-Jem' as i combined my own ideas with a RG and JEM 777

it is based on the original ibanez JEM 777. I have changed a few things including, neck joint, floyd rose routing depth, neck shape


Body: Brazilian Mahogany

Neck: 5 Piece (rockmaple/ebony/rockmaple/ebony/rockmaple)

fretboard: Madagascar ebony

Pickups: neck=EMG 60A Mid=EMG SA Bridge=EMG81

Bridge: floyd Rose original (gold)

tuners: grover locking tuners (gold)

Pickguard: custom

natural finish


Edited by C.R.S.Km.D

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Avenger Prototype

sapele Avenger body style

maple & rosewood neck with custom sapele J inlay

maple control cavity cover

maple pickup rings

Wilkinson tuners

generic top-loader bridge

DiMarzio Air Norton neck pickup

DiMarzio Mega-Drive bridge pickup

3-position switch, 1 volume, 1 tone

This is the first model of this body design. Clearly, I borrowed heavily from the Dean Cadillac, which in turn borrowed from the LP & Explorer. I intentionally used low-end hardware in some places, but I'm likely to upgrade later.

The pickups are pretty twangy for humbuckers. There's a lot of pop & snap to them. The whole thing is pretty mellow. The sapele seems to peel off a bit of the trebels.

When I was arranging the template, I saw some grain that I was hoping would show up in the final body. I'm very pleased to say that they did. In the trebel body horn, there is a bog bit that follows the lines straight out to the tip. On the bass side, the grain gollows around the bottom and the shoulder perfectly.

The top has a substantial roundover. It's a very smooth transition on the forearm contour with no discernable edge at all. From that persepctive, it's very comfortable to play.

I finished the whole thing in clear shellac. After leveling it, I buffed it out with steel wool. I wanted a smooth, matte, natural looking finish. Mission accomplished!





control plate closeup

pickups & rings

bass side view

trebel side view

trebel horn grain

full frontal

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The NortStar

This is an old guitar but I realised I had never entered her into the GOTM

This is the prototype for the NorthStar series of guitars and basses. An original design loosely based on some very traditional shapes that I respectfully tip my hat at…

The specs:

Body – South American mahogany with a quilted maple top

Neck – South American mahogany, laminated with graphite reinforcement sheets (jupp, the black lines that are visible from the back)

Fretboard – 25”, 24 frets, Rosewood with Aluminium dots visible from the front and the top

Tuners – Gotoh

Bridge – Pigtail with TonePros studs

Pickups – StarStruck pickups (Peter Naglitsch design) PAF at the neck and PAF+ at the bridge

Full frontal picture:


The back:


The head:


Closer look at the body:


The main presentation page for the guitar:


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Ormsby Guitars Multiscale ™ 8 string CustomShop

Body: Swamp Ash

Neck: Maple

Fretboard: Ziricote

Electrics: EMG 808, volume, tone, + momentary killswitch

Hardware: Gotoh machineheads and custom made bridge pieces

Other: matching headstock and cavity cover, Splayed Scallops ™, Stainless steel fretwire (Jumbo)






More photos HERE


Saxon, playing around on the guitar for the first time.

What Meshuggah thinks of the Ormsby Eight Multiscale ™ (editted to avoid them getting in to too much trouble)

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