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Guitar Making Employment Opportunity

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Looking for ONE assistant for PART time work in a busy guitar workshop. Hours of employment are negotiable. Leading up to full time after you have proven yourself.

Ok, blunt, but to the point, if not a little long winded....

Roles include:

General guitar tech duties (setups, electronics, etc), sanding, cleaning, general housekeeping, etc. Looking to the future, expect to be trained to assemble, then build parts from scratch. If you have previous musical instrument building experience, you will move up the ladder very quickly.


No experience required (although experience is definately preferred), training will be provided. Award rates (negotiable). Bonuses for efficient/clean/fast work. Tools and machinery provided. Access to workshop for private building is ok. Initiative is rewarded. My last assistant who recently left us was earning near double the award wage. Experience counts. If you didnt do woodwork or a manual trade at school, or haven't had an interest in woodworking (eg: actually doing some woodwork, not just thinking about it), then its probably not worth applying. I really don't want to train someone who doesnt know the real basics already. You'll already know how to sand, measure, cut, etc. I don't expect you to be able to inlay the Last Supper into a fretboard (but, you'll learn when we do that job later this year!). If in doubt, just remember, you have nothing to loose.


No early starts (9:30ish, some days 10:30ish). No overtime or late nights, although some/all Saturdays would be nice. Days of work flexible, start and finish times flexible. Maybe you can only work tues and thurs? Fine!

EVERY Monday off. No Sunday work. You might get invited to meet someone special afterhours though :D


Two minutes from the beach, one minute to local shopping centre, three minutes to Fremantle, W. Australia. Local applications only please. I will NOT be taking applications from interstate/international unless you already have plans to move here, or have extensive experience in this field. Extensive experience means exactly that. Restringing your guitar each week is not extensive experience. Attending a certified and respected luthier school is certainly getting there though.

The Work:

Ultimately, you will be my direct assistant. You will eventually assist me in building guitars. Rough shaping necks. Sanding lacquer. Fret work. Gluing. etc etc. My right hand man! Also difficult repair work. Headstock breaks. Bracing issues. Refrets. Refinishes. It'll take time to get there though.

I already have a couple assistants, to handle the basic stuff like keeping the place clean, assembling pickups, etc. Ive already got a setup wizard, to make sure we get through all the setups and repair work, and he also does the majority of our hand winding of pickups.

You'll become another me. Hopefully. My dream is for my clients to come to me, and REQUEST a specific builder. You'll build that guitar from start to finish. Thats the dream. You want that too?

In the past, my assistants have travelled with me on business to the east coast or Aust, and to the USA to meet clients.

Work Enviroment

Can be so laid back, nothing's a problem. At times, doesn't understand why you cant be perfect, and fast. Overall, the vibe is pretty laid back. Mistakes are fine, just as long as the work is redone, and not trying to be hidden. Honestly is appreciated. Would rather show you something for the fourth time, than have something substandard made. For the most part, speed is important, but would rather you spent an hour doing a ten minute job if it is going to be perfect. Lots of jokes and laughs during work (at the expense of work most times). The current 'team' usually all hang out on friday and saturday nights, so we do get along great. You choose when you have lunch, and for how long. For the most part, a range of jobs will need doing, you choose which ones appeal to you on the day, or at that moment. Opportunities to work on your own projects on your days off.

How to Apply:

Send an email covering letter AND a relevant resume to guitars at ormsbyguitars.com

Include contact details, etc. Include a SEPERATE list of previous experience, photos of instruments built, etc. Do not apply if you do not have any references. Do not send fuzzy out of focus photos. Last time I advertised, I had more than sixty applicants. Make yours stand out. Resumes etc must be in either WORD, or PDF format. Do not write your resume in an email... ATTACH IT to an email. Make an effort! I will look at your application for 30 seconds, before deciding if I think it warrants reading. MAKE IT COUNT. Reread this paragraph... there is a test here! Don't fail the test!

Do not phone. Do not visit the workshop. Do not send a PM or SMS. Please, Im busy. I dont need distractions, I need help!!

Email ONLY!!

That pretty much covers everything.

QUESTIONS??? Please ask them in this thread or email, please don't phone/walkin etc


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This is an amazing oppotunity for the right person. Best of luck finding someone who will benefit from this and benefit you in the process !

( wish I was in oz ......... )

Muzz - this is all you dawg !!!!!!

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im copying this job advert Perry, quite possibly the most forthright, mildly intimidating, yet inviting and exciting vacancy I have ever seen :D

good luck, im sure you'll find your man.


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