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Looking For Digital Porta

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Looking for a portable digital studio - 4 track or more, more than 2 sim rec tracks if available, 44.1 or higher - with the ease of recording of a Tascam with the digital sound quality obviously.

Interested in the older units out there - that are still viable - but have concerns regarding fidelity and security regarding the digital material, heard of recorded song material dissapearing for various reasons (to have a secure data storage).

Be it a Tascam, Fostex, Yamaha or whatever, ADAT, HD or Flashcard, etc. what is worth buying that is not spiffing new (used) in digital portastudios?

Need to be able to use 3-4 mics sim at a rec session, even if it's only mono/stereo reccing.

Somewhat of a eq would be preferred, 2 (hi, low) or more.

Tascam usually has eq, Fostex not so much.

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