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China Doll #2 - Drak

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OK, here's China Doll #2, which I'm going to call Clover for obvious reasons.

I've basically caught it up with China Doll #1 now, have done all the same functions:

Ripped all the hardware out

Buffed the finish out

Installed new upgraded tuners

(Grover Imperials I've had hanging around for 10 years finally found a home)

Cleaned & buffed the fretboard

I have both (new) sets of pickups mounted in their respective rings and am getting ready to work up the new wiring harness for them...only thing left to do now is to decide what kind of wiring options I want.

These should be finished up and playing within a week I think.

Here's a pic of the original tuners and the new Grovers installed.

Love it.




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Hey Drak, good to see your stuff here. Beautiful work on this one, I especially like the binding choice and headstock design, very classic. I always admire the level of work you turn out, then I recall you have no 'big shop' to build in and modest tools. I walk in your shadow my friend. Bravo !!! -Vinny

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Dude, for the price you paid for these, they are great looking guitars! A 335 is basically the guitar i aspire to owning one day(a ridgy dig Gibson though) but these are really making me think for settling for a cheapie until i can afford one! Keep the pics coming mate....


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