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Entry for October 2019's Guitar Of The Month is now open!

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Due to the forum software and bandwidth you should only post one video per post, if you have a tutorial which has more then one part use the reply to topic and add the other parts one at a time using Part 1 as your topic starter part 2 as your reply, etc. When your done reply to your own thread with

Begin discussion
This will let everyone know the tutorial is complete and start any Q&A for the tutorial

To make it easy I have opened up the note pad feature on my computer and use the following for posting and you can copy and paste it on to yours as a reference for easy posting:

[center][b]Discription of the topic here


[media]Right Click on the You Tube video itself (not the page it is on, the video itself), copy URL and paste it here[/media][/center]
To clarify the follow code (same as above but with actual discription and url used):
[center][b]In this Ovation factory tour, yadda, yadda!



Will produce the following post:

In this Ovation factory tour, yadda, yadda!

Start a new thread in this section and practice, just remember all of the threads are subjective to being moved or deleted to keep this area clean and the cost of running the forum down.

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