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How To: Burst Effect Using Leather Dye And No Spray (rub-on Method)

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I didnt dare try spraying my last burst. so i went about it differently.

the dye cost about $10,

search ebay for Fiebings Leather Dye, it comes in a variety of colors. i chose black and green. 1 bottle will last you a LONG long time.

other than that you need an old tshirt or fine rag of some sort. Or the dye bottles come with rubbing sponges too.

The basics are:

-Mix your dye with a little denatured alcohol and water, and keep your wood damp (i used a spray bottle)

-Let your base (middle) color set overnight

-Start with a strong mixture for your outer color

-Start with a thin border all the way around the edge of the guitar, coming in about 3/4 an inch

-When you get all the way around to where you started, youre going to work all the way around again, doubling the thickness of the line, and working in circular motions, rubbing the dye around

-Each time you get around to the start, double the thickness and continue in as far as you want to go

-Go back with a dry rag and in the same circular motions, go over the whole thickness and work around the guitar, drying up the dye

-As youre doing this, rub the dye out toward the middle to create a fade from the edge of where you left the dye

-Repeat as many times as needed until the effect is to the desired darkeness


1- Always keep the dye moving, do not let the dye sit in one spot too long or it will create a visible line

2- Using a clean rag with a little water on it, you can clean up the middle of the guitar of smudges etc to make sure you have the effect even around the edges

3- never let the dye sit too long on one spot

4- never let the dye sit too long on one spot

Heres a how-to video i made, because text cannot show you as well as a video can.

It truly is a lot more bright in person and in better light!


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