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Router Thicnessing Jig

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Hey everyone! I thought id share my new favorite tool. I originally made this out of aluminum, but I didnt feel it was sturdy enough. I went all out and used some angle iron, and i welded it together instead of bolting like The last version. I feel like it came out fairly well. The bolts on the corners allow for angles as well as vertical adj usability.

Ill spend the next few days sanding it smooth and giving it a polish on the contacts points. A little oil and it will flow like butter on a hot pan!






This was my first time welding, but I think its pretty serviceable! The tall gentleman in the pictures was kind enough to lend me his welder for the night.

Thanks for checking it out, cant wait to break it in.

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Nice job. That looks pretty sturdy and heavy. I'd shy away from any oil for lubrication though. That stuff has legs and WILL eventually find its way onto your wood and contaminate it. Instead use some silicone PDFE tape on the surfaces that will be in contact.

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Thanks for the tip! Ill look around for some of that. I wasnt keep on the oil either but the tape sounds nice and clean!

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