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Wtt Guitar Bodies And Neck, And Bass Neck

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Hey guys, i am looking to trade these projects as i need to make room for other projects.

So i am trading these:

Blackmachine style body, it needs the binding channel and binding, which i´ll add when someone wants this body. I can route for pickups and neck pocket too if desired.

Pine body, wenge top.



Superstrat neck and body. Body is made of caribbean pine, pretty hard ( janka scale hardness 1260) so, it's not your average pine.

can be routed.

Neck is a neck i got in a trade, modified to have 22 frets ( not by me) all maple.

Tuners not included.




Ibanez soundgear style neck. Brand new, unused and uninstalled

Flamed maple neck ( doesn't show too well on pictures) rosewood fretboard, 34" scale.



Jackson guitar body.

Made of poplar, don't know the model, says on the pocket JSX-94



So, i will ship these items from Venezuela, using express mail. You can ship to me to a PO Box address i have in Miami. You can also check my reputation with other PG members whom i've dealt with.

Thank you!

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