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Help Needed! Prs/telecaster Mixed Wiring

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Hey there!

I've had a "first guitar" project going on for over a year now. Slowly making progress, or was it regress? That's what I need to know now.

Without checking if it was possible I chose to mix electronics/hardware from PRS and Fender Telecaster. When I reached the wiring stage of the guitar build I hit the wall. I've done some research, but still don't know how this should be done. It would really make my day if one of you could download the picture, do a paint drawing on top of it that displays what should go where.

So here's what I have

- Fender noiseless bridge single coil with black and yellow wire (and the white and black extra wire and that red thing with two pins)

- PRS 245 bass humbucker with one wire

- PRS input jack with one wire

- Standard telecaster control plate hardware and pots


Here's a link to a bigger version of the image if needed http://i.imgur.com/wUYZ8xX.jpg

I have a huge bag of lessons learned from this project... And they are all pretty visible on the guitar

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"that red thing with two pins"= capacitor or cap.

check this diagram out and see if it helps.


for your humbucker what your gonna do is use the outside metal part of the wire for the ground and the other is your hot wire.

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All right, I've seen that picture before, but it makes more sense now! Thanks for the tips!

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