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ProjectGuitar.com Guitar Of The Year 2013


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This thread and poll automagically closes next year! :D (1st January 2014)

So, which is your favourite? Did you vote for it originally? The best of luck to all of this years winners.

verhoevenc, "OMarlin"

demonx, "Darkhorse"

shadpeters, "Avenger 1"

sdshirtman "Second Build Attempt"

killemall8, "Blackhawk"

simo, "Spalted Maple Singlecut"

PsikoT, "7 strings Ash/Wenge"

RestorationAD, "El Mariachi"

madhattr3, "The Royal"

Menapia, "The Monroe 3"

Whalehazard, "Andromeda"


ScottR -"FRANCINE aka the evil B."


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This will be a hard-fought contest between a group of exemplary builds. Do you need this kind of stress over December? Can you handle the pressure? Is the trepidation killing you? Vote and discuss!

One good topic would be, "should this be Guitar Of The Year 2014"?

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What surprises me more than anything is the sheer quality of builds coming out of PG members - especially given that many of these are first or second builds for them....!

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I think everyone had great builds and they were all too close to call. So I threw them all in a pile and said. Which one would I take home. PsikoT 7 strings Ash/Wenge got my vote.

That guitar needs a name.

Being a metal guy I am pretty sure the next one I take home from the pile is Blackhawk.

If I could I would just take them all home but that wouldn't help picking one to vote on.

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Thank you RAD!... glad you like my work! :D

I'm not very good at naming guitars... and Gerundina is already taken <_< if you have a suggestion, just shoot!

Well, I brought that guitar here to Vienna and playing it every day, is the only I can do here in my spare time... she sounds great and a pleasure to play. Never figured while working on it that I would get such instrument. Also never figured it would be so popular... I'm impressed. :blush

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