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BEER! What's in your fridge?

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I have been lax on getting pix and posting them this winter. I blame it on the lack of sunshine in the late afternoon.

Anyway here's on from a while back, Terrapin's Wake and Bake coffee oatmeal stout. Smooth and yummy.


And a couple from Weldworks in Greeley, CO. These are as juicy and delicious as they look.



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Like an absolute god, @Mr Natural took it upon himself to stick it to the man and send over a festive care package (actually two, story in that) to good ol' Suomi.

What was in my fridge? Well, amongst the garlic yoghurt we had these sweet little numbers:



Natch advised swishing around that Alpha Abstraction due to the huge amount of unfiltered hop residue. Good advice as it turned out....I started out with the Tropicália:


Straight off the bat, Nina stated it reminded her of the Mufloni (local hero brewery) mandarin IPA and saison. I didn't see that until the thorough examination was done to the end 😉 I'm not a sweet toothed kind of guy, however the smooth mango-y passion fruit-y smell and taste was fantastic. Juicy, and I'd imagine that far too many of these would be consumed if they were available, along with a nice sunny day. Glorious stuff. Not sticky and cloying, enough of a beer resemblance so that it doesn't start straying into "alcoholic fruit punch" territory. I'd like to see more of this over this side of the pond.


I couldn't not break into the Automatic. That would be rude.


Now this one hit me straight away with a flavour that I recognised, along with some spicy resiny herby notes. I couldn't get past how much it reminded me of lemon barley water....that soft dry mouthfeel with the light cleansing lemony citrus. I loved this one. Really sweet choice Natch. Pairing this with the Tropicalia was a great idea. How's the coincidence of me photo'ing it in front of oranges and some decorative juniper?


I couldn't wait to get into this one. Natch's description made it seem like a Georgian parallel to my local fave, Mufloni CCCCC IPA. Unfiltered, hazy and unashamed. It poured thickly. Really thickly. The tropical fruit smells (mango? pineapple?) carried right over into a mouthfeel like it had been made from purée'd pineapple. Very heavy, which I guess is the massive amount of dry hopping this stuff has clearly had. You couldn't have many of these without cleansing your palate with a couple of Automatics (cough). It doesn't betray its strength, and could pass for a beer half its ABV thanks to the overwhelming blueberry and fruit coming from all that Mosaic hopping.

I suspect Natch might have thought that this was in the same league as CCCCC IPA, however I'd disagree. Perhaps a different game than different or similar class. Both equally good at what they do in very different ways. CCCCC isn't thick or "full" with the hops themselves, and being more along the Citra (plus Colombus, Chinook, Cascade, Centennial) line than Mosaic it lets more of the base malt through. Enough that it isn't as hop-dominant as you'd expect for 100+ IBUs with heavy dry hopping. Regardless, both of these would be go-to's if they were available side by side.



Wild Leap and Creature Comforts are doing Georgia a grand service with these offerings. As we've discussed, I just wish there was a stronger and more fertile market here. Finnish tastes are more refined than they used to be, but not so much that spectacular brews like these are popping up left right and centre. Mufloni seem to know the game and are pioneering some sweet brews, but still somewhat tame and mainstream in comparison.

Time for a glass of Ardbeg Corryvreckan. Cheers!

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