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Bi-Polar Acoustic Rebuild

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I thought I'd post this on here for some comic relief.

I answered a freecycle offer of an acoustic hard shell case. The individual sent me their address and away I went.

Taking the case off their porch, the door opened and a guy asked if I wanted some new guitar strings. OI told him sure and he went back inside and retrieved his guitar. handing it to me, I noticed the body was a bit odd-shaped. He explained, "My girlfriend is bi-polar and I came home from the bar 30 minutes late. She hit me with it and broke the guitar. You can have it if you want."


The back was shattered and the sides are separated from the top.


I am planning on practicing steaming the neck free and building a new body for it.

Granted, this will be after I am finished my bass, so expect a thread to start in the proper forum in five years. :killinme

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