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Cool Guitar Auction

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Hey, I wasn't sure where to put this, but I was sent this message and thought maybe I would share with everyone. Is anyone familiar with this auction house? Any information would help.

"Did you know that one auction house was responsible for selling Jerry Garcia’s guitars for a million dollars a piece, Elvis Presely’s first guitar, Les Paul’s “Black Beauty”, Waylon Jennings' most iconic instruments and a wide array of the rarest Martins (including a 1930 OM-45 Deluxe to the Martin Museum) and other treasured acoustic instruments through the years? That auction house is Guernsey’s*, which is now planning a major guitar auction for the fall.

If you have anything from a single treasured instrument to a wide range collection of cool electric or acoustic guitars, give Guernsey's a call. They would be excited to hear form you.

*Call 212.794.2280 for more information or visit guernseys.com to read about Guernseys’ 40 year history including, among hundreds of other events, such sales as the ocean liner SS United States (the world's largest auction), the landmark Cold War auction of artwork from the Soviet Union, the sale of the complete archive of Rosa Parks, and the definitive auctions focusing on such iconic figures as John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Mickey Mantle and Jazz greats John Coltrane and Charlie Parker."

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