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building customized gibson 355

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would anyone know any place that could built a guitar like this?

basically a gibson 355 but with double florentine cuts.

this guy down in slovenia selling it for 13k and i'm thinking i might as build me one.

any thoughts?


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It's quite a task, but not impossible. How close to the fundamental design are you aiming? The beauty of ES-335 style instrument is that you can make one mould for both sides, split the laminate and you've got your body.

As for finding somebody to build you one, that's a different story. I know a bunch of very good jazz box luthiers here in Finland if that helps?

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Cost might be the issue however; these luthiers are more of the "high end standards", where they have a core range of designs. It's not surprising, since archtops and similar designs need specific jigs and moulds making for each one, unlike a solidbody guitar which requires mostly flat 2D templates.

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