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Router guide help

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Hey guys,

I was thinking of ways to experiment with using a router to carve a top. Basically, what I was thinking would be a cool way to attempt to do this would be to set up guide rails on the base of my router, similar to a straight guide but instead of a straight edge, somehow manage to incorporate a bearing as the "guide" for the router to follow the shape of the body.

I would probably start with the deepest cut/closest to the edges of the body, and then slowly increase the distance between the bit and the guide, each pass moving more inward to the center of the body while before each pass, raising the cut depth a little bit so the graduations follow the body perimeter shape.

I have done a little searching and I'm not really sure what exactly I'm looking for, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction or suggest a similar method to what I'm trying to do. The router I have is a Makita RP1800.

Thanks in advance for any info. And also Merry Christmas!

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Good call Rob - that's @Setch's site. He hasn't been around in a metric while though. The jig is a great way of roughing in a carve relative to the edge.

Is this idea more or less what you were thinking of, @djobson101?

Seasons Greetings to you both, also! :peace

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Totally. It can be refined into a binding jig or whatever else one's evil world-dominion-seeking mind can concoct.

Not sure if it can assist with world domination, however. YMMV

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