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CNC Neck Scarf joint

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I have worked up a model of a neck (non Fender) and was wondering how the cutting would be done on a CNC.

Would the blank be scarf jointed and machined as a single unit or would the headstock and other part  be done separately and glued together when finished?

That would require some tricky gluing  I think.

Or do the headstock, glue up the scarf & do the neck proper?




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I would prepare the blank prior to machining, however both are feasible. The reason I say so is that a 4-5 axis CNC could feasibly cut both parts so that they mate subsequently, eg. via a dovetailed slot or whatever. This is more advanced than what you are asking however, so I would go with the simpler solution; scarfing prior to machining. The only thing you would need to do is to have a reliable reference surface on the blank for the CNC, such as jointing the fingerboard glueing surface first.

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