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2nd Guitar Project Finished

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2nd build finish and I´m been using this on for a month with no major/minor problems. Spring plate waiting to be build.


Body: Swamp alder and maple top

Neck: Roasted maple, rosewood fingerboard

DiMarzio PAF Master N/B and Graph Tech Acoustic-Phonic System

Hipshot trem, Schaller locking tuners, Crimson stains and oil


Very happy with the outcome. Starting to plan the next build :)






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Ah man, that's killer. Really consistent satin too. Tough to get dialled in, man.

You can't really roast wood properly in the oven, @Zack. Torrefaction is almost the same process as creating charcoal; heating it in the absence of the third part of the combustion triangle....oxygen. In an oven, the wood would simply overheat and gain moisture differential defects such as case hardening, checking, etc.. The things we try and avoid in kilns.

Roasting wood is about forcing the cells walls to break down so they no longer work as "buckets" for moisture retention. The stuff we use is right on the cusp of becoming structurally unusable, so it really needs doing right. I have a lump of thermo-treated (same thing, different name) Birch in my workshop which has gone a Mahogany brown. It's light in weight and unfortunately you can feel that it now has more like the structural value of Alder compared to the soft Maple-ishness of Birch.

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That guitar looks fantastic, great job there!

I've never been good at spraying lacquer so I've been looking at the Crimson stains and oils, how did you find using them?

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