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For Sale: Nice Wood for Reasonable Prices!

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Going to Vegas, want to have some extra spending money. Selling some NICE stuff!
First one is a 5A Flame Maple ONE PIECE TOP! Better than PRS PRIVATE STOCK! This is a HUGE piece too! Dimensions are: 1" Thick x 26" Long x 15" Wide. $325 SHIPPED! That is WAY better than ANYWHERE ELSE!
Second is a HALF QUILT HALF FLAME ONE PIECE TOP! You'll NEVER see this again! GREAT figure too! Dimensions are 5/8" Thick x 24" Long x 14" Wide
Only $175 SHIPPED! GREAT DEAL! Won't find ANYTHING like this for NEAR this price!
Third is a BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD NECK BLANK! This will require a scarf joint and you'll have to put a heel block on it if you so desire, BUT there is definitely enough to do this! Dimensions are 15/16" Thick x 4 1/4" Wide x 44" Long! I've made a neck out of the same board I got this from. Has some NICE sapwood and grain patterns!
ONLY $150 Shipped! Try and beat that!
Finally I have a ONE PIECE FLAME ANIGRE BODY! SUPER HARD TO FIND IN THESE DIMENSIONS! GREAT figure! Dimensions are 1 7/16" Thick x 23 7/8" Long x 13 1/2" Wide!
Only $150 Shipped! You can't even get near this thickness, width, or figuring for anything even close to that.
Message me on here or email me at jeguitars@hotmail.com

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