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2nd build, a headless guitar build!

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I've just had a lot of my time freed up so I'm hoping to get a fair bit more of the Strat build done this week, so thought I would start designing my 2nd guitar as well. I've decided to build a headless guitar as my 2nd job involves a fair bit of waiting around so it would be good to have something to practice on that doesn't take up too much room.


- Mahogany body

- 5 piece neck (maple, sepele, black walnut, sapele, maple)

- Cheap hardware

- 1x bridge pickup 1x neck pickup

- 25.5" scale length

- Vaneer top with a stain and oil finish

I've got some old scraps of mahogany from my local wood guy. Just checked the moisture content and it's around 15% in all 3 pieces. I assume I need to dry them down to around 8-9%, so at the moment I've put them in the airing cupboard, but unsure if there is a better/quicker way of drying them. I've already got the neck wood, in the next day or 2 I'll get the wood cut and put somewhere to start drying out (they are currently in 3 meter long boards so need to cut them shorter). For the pickups I was thinking about those mini humbucker kits as space will be at a premium for them. The hardware I've got is the cheap Overload Of Music one on eBay, as it's a 2nd build I didn't want to spend a lot of money on hardware, and the plan is to build another headless with better hardware in the future when I've got a bit more experience as I don't see the point in spending a lot of money on hardware 

The body blanks are 410 x 235mm and 360 x 230mm. Both pieces are 65mm thick, and style wise I'm thinking of a Steinberger style body (my friend has one that I can borrow to help with the initial designing, then slightly customise it afterwards.

I won't start cutting the wood or anything else until the Strat is finished though, but this is just preparing the groundwork so I can start building it sooner.

The wood!


The really expensive hardware!



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I'll be interested to see how this goes as I have one of those bridges from a purchase when I first started building... will likely never use it... but curious to see how it holds up.


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