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Refinished and heavily modded my Squier Standard Strat

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This Squier Strat is my first guitar I got 15-16 years ago and over years I've done quite a few things to improve it. It's more of an emotional thing, I could've bought a MIM Strat for the money invested, but it's my first guitar and I plan to keep and play it forever. One of the first things I've done is get rid of the horrid pickups it had. Replaced them with two Kinamns (AVn-62 for middle and AVn-56 for neck) and one Dimarzio Virtual Vintage Blues in the bridge. Then I replaced the bridge with GFS brass block, replaced fretwire with medium jumbo, re-radiused the fingerboard to 12" (Eric Johnson style), scalloped the fretboard asymmetrically a'la Ritchie Blackmore and swapped the tuners for Grovers.
Few weeks ago I finally decided to refinish the body as I always hated the metallic purple finish and took the body to a local car paint shop to respray it in sonic blue (used the PPG code 11475). It's finally done and assembled back. I'm pretty happy with the results. Over years, the pickguard has aged a lot, so I used some coffee to age kinman pickups and bought a dimarzio aged white pickup for the dimarzio, as it didn't take any stain I tried. Knobs were also resisting, but I managed to age them a bit using stewmac vintage amber liquid wood dye.

for more information, photos and some clips visit http://diy-fever.com/guitars/squier-upgrade/



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Nice job. You eliminated pretty much everything that sucks in a squier and made it into a serious player :-)

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