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notched straight edge thats not straight

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I have bought two notched straight edges now. Both have gaps around the center on both sides. I have gotten my money back on one but the other is from China and they are not yet going to take it back so I may loose money on it. I have tried to smooth them down but I am using wet and dry paper and the Aluminium is clogging up the wet and dry paper. Which is best to smooth down metal? sand paper or wet and dry? I have bought a level that is as long as the straight edge and I used double sided tape to stick the paper on. I don't know if there is a better method available.

Any one got any ideas?



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Aluminum is a filthy dirty metal that clogs pretty much everything. Wet sanding is going to be best but nothing is going to be good. Try wet sanding with some light machine oil and see if that helps.


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