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inkscape instead of librecad, zero nut and scale length

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i just wanted a confirmation of measuring scale of guitar with zero fret. i have read that measuring from the centre of the zero nut to the centre of the twelfth fret and doubling? is this correct?

i have dropped librecad in place of inkscape which i find is a lot quicker to work with. it is free and i have made a few videos of my using it. 

this is what i have so far. i am going to add how i get measurements from it. i find that it could probably be quite a fast tool to work with compared with cad software. there is a measuring tool on here that allows to measure the length of the neck and adjust to what you want. i set it to 24.75 inches, then i can measure the length of the body quickly without to much hassle. also, distance between components on the guitar. 

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That's more or less about right.  If the photo doesn't have excessive perspective distortions you can get a reasonable approximation.

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