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Drill press size

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I am looking at drill presses, and wondering if a 12" swing (6" depth" is enough for most guitar builds?

It seems like it is on the hairy edge of being able to reach to the "center" of guitar for the string-thru holes.

Looking for your experiences! Thanks.

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I have a Ryobi 10" drill press. (5" depth)- here are a couple of pics to illustrate reach- I will give you a couple of comments on power which is equally important in my opinion-my drill press is NOT adequate for guitar building.

strat template- this drill can do it-6" will get you there for sure (quarter inch drill bit by the way)


les paul- cannot reach from the back but if you wiggle it around it almost gets there- you should be able to reach with 6" depth


prs McCarthy- mine doesn't reach from the back but 6" will get just get you there


I think power is an important consideration. This 10" model has 1/4 horse and its no where near enough. I can drill thru thick mahogany- but I have to take multiple plunges- more than should be. I cannot use forstner bits in anything but the softest of woods- and even then this thing struggles with anything larger than 1/2 " forstner bit.. I use a safe-t-planer with this press- but I have to keep it sharp- and go slow/very shallow passes and it barely makes it. But the lack of being able to use my forstner bits is the real bummer. If that press you are considering  doesn't have 2/3 horse minimum- I wouldn't even consider it- go bigger if you can afford it. just my 2 cents. and that 6" depth would be a min as well- go bigger if you can-



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