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The Nightmare Continues

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Two years ago The drummer I was working with up and left while we were working on our debut album.  I had spent a few months trying to edit this guys drum tracks and unless I was prepared to completely program ALL his tracks from scratch there was no way to finish recording.  After a month of tossing the idea around, my drummer told me to program something easy and do a cover and go from there.

We both love Discharge, so I came up with 4 of their songs and let him decide.  He chose The Nightmare Continues.  I programmed the drums in about a day, went to his house the next and recorded the guitars and bass.  Told him to come over a day or two after we tracked rhythms to help run the DAW for vocals ( I was actually going to have him do them as he has a better voice for that style of music.)  Once he came over, I handed him the lyric sheet, sat him down with my iPod and told him he had 15 minutes. 

This is the result

LaSanche covering Discharge's The Nightmare Continues


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