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Crate GT-100H Tube Biasing

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Hello all, new to the forum. I own a GT-100H Stealth Tube head and I tried searching for my amp on your forum but didn't find anything. I bought new EL34 tubes to put into my Crate GT-100H Stealth amp I've had since the mid 90's but I cannot find the bias adjustment on the circuit board. Anyone have any experience with these? I called Crate (now Loud Tech Inc I guess) and they couldn't help me. I was referred to a local service center and they couldn't (or wouldn't) give me any info either. Anyone know how to bias these tubes on this amp? I tried to upload the manual and schematic but the files were too large. The manual says these can ONLY be done by an authorized service center. Anyone know the trick to biasing the tubes here? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I reckon you'd be better off asking your question over at a forum such as this one. Biasing a 4x EL34 amp is likely to be pretty trivial provided you have the right equipment, take the correct safety precautions and accept the risks of working on your own amp. If anyone can show you how it's done, you'll have better luck over at the Music Electronics Forum.

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