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Re-body of a Fender Rascal

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Andyjr1515    528


One of the smaller jobs that has been backing up for a while is a request to build a Fender Precision Lyte shaped body for Mike's rather splendid Fender Rascal.


Mike likes the sound and the pickup options and the neck, but can't get on with the body shape.  So the idea is to do a reversible build of a Precision Lyte to fit everything onto.

Oh....and to incorporate some of this:


It's timber from the last tree (an English Walnut) that his late friend, Mervyn, cut down during his youth-to-retirement career as an axeman.  What's more, Mike wrote a biography of Mervyn that was published a few years ago.  Fascinating stuff... 

So that's where this one's starting from :D


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Andyjr1515    528

So a quick up-to-present update.

This shape is what we're aiming for:



First job was to get the find the best orientation of walnut and cut a suitable bookmatch top.  A friend, Rob, kindly did this for me on his 'proper' bandsaw:



The Lyte is a much smaller body and is designed for a smaller headstock and longer scale (the Rascal is 30").  To make this reversible, meant seeing if it was possible to make a very thin walnut plate to double-side-tape fix on top of the existing headstock.  After a bit of careful cutting, sanding and bending, I managed to get this:


Once it's sanded, that'll do :)

Then - how to fit the lipsticks, which are designed to be screwed onto a scratchplate?

Learning from the ultra-modern Psilos bass build...put them in from the back!  Spin off advantage is that it takes some weight out of the sapele back:


From the top...



The back also has a weight relief chamber cut into it:


I'm using wenge constructional veneer (2mm) again as the demarcation.

Then glued up and trimmed:


Still going to be a bit of a large headstock, but I'm sticking with this being fully reversible.  The walnut plate balances it out at least a touch:




And then bringing right up to date as of an hour ago, the first rough carve begins:



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curtisa    465

Never heard of a Fender Rascal before. Does the heel on the Rascal also have the same expanded treble side as your new body does?


8 hours ago, Andyjr1515 said:


I bet you got some interesting looks from the neighbours while you were taking that pic.

'Watch out lads, Andy's taking photos of fence posts again...'

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Andyjr1515    528


No ref the neck heel @curtisa - I won't cut that to shape and size until I've worked out the back carve.

I want to taper the heel transition down to lessen the doorstop heel effect of such a thick body (necessary because of the depth of the 5-way) and haven't yet figured the best way so played safe on the basis of 'you can always take more off but you can't put it back' :lol:

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