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Johnny Foreigner

Hello from the past and shameless self-promotion

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Hey everyone

I haven't posted much on here in a few years, Instead of guitar building, I've been spending all my time filmmaking.

Super proud that today my debut feature as Director of Photography, Editor and Producer was released by Gravitas Ventures and I wanted to take a moment to tell you all about it.

It's called Adele and Everything After, and it's a documentary about a woman called Marty who has an untreatable heart condition. She used to faint every day, sometimes many times a day, completely without warning. She's had over 30 concussions. In 2006 she was paired with Adele, one of the world's first cardiac alert service dogs. Adele could literally sense when her heart was getting weak and alert her in time to stop her fainting. Within weeks, Marty stopped fainting entirely. But after 9 years together, Marty had to make the decision to retire Adele and find a successor service dog. The film follows this journey as she faces up to ending the relationship that transformed her life, and putting her trust in a new dog to keep her safe.

It's out on all the video-on-demand platforms (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, etc) and cable/satellite video-on-demand to rent or buy. Go to adelemovie.com for more info.

If any of you are redditors, Marty did an AMA today and it made the front page which was cool.

I know there's a lot of dog lovers here, and this is a film for you. You'll probably cry, but I promise it has a happy ending.

Anyway, hope some of you check it out!




Adele and Everything After - Marty, Adele, Hector 015.jpg

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Man, that's super cool. I'm going have a look around and see if I can find that on the on-demand services here. Congratulations on a great life advancement, especially with this project. No doubt you're exploding with pride. Gotta check this out....

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