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Help with neck height

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Hi - first time posting!

I'm putting together a hardtail strat-type body, 25.5" scale length with 24 frets, and have run into a problem (born of lack of experience) on the height of my neck. This will be CNC'd so it will come out looking (hopefully) pretty exact.

I am trying to figure out where I should place the neck in order to achieve the 'correct' string action along the board. I have chosen the bridge and the nut, so those are set dimensions, and will be using jumbo frets. To add to all this confusion I have foolishly decided to use a compound radius neck (12" at nut to 16" at the 24th). I got pretty stuck as my brain just can't get around the problem.

I see that I have three levers - depth of the neck pocket, depth of the slot for the nut, height of the bridge, but my attempts to manipulate them to have increasing clearance have failed.

My question is more of a "please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong", which I hope isn't a problem. This is potentially all less of an issue than I have decided it is, but it's at least an interesting question!

I have attached a pdf of my working file, which comes from illustrator. Not sure I can attach anything bigger like a dxf! 

For reference:

Tusq 5042

Hipshot bridge


Guitar neck pocket diagram v1.pdf

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Imagine a long rule resting on your frets, going all the way down the centre-line to the bridge. This needs to be within the adjustment range of your bridge and saddles - for any guitar. A strat normally has a zero neck angle. Therefore the height of the end of the fretboard (including fret height) needs to be about the height of your bridge - and work out how deep your pocket needs to be from there i.e. maximum depth of neck incl. frets, minus the bridge/saddle height. If in doubt cut shallow and you can always deepen it later - which is easier than shimming the neck up

Don't get too hung up about the compound radius, and you can pretty much ignore the action height for your calculations. Also don't fret (ha! - see what I did there :D) about the nut - you'll cut that later and fine-tune it during the final setup.

... and welcome :D

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Thanks, that's helped a lot! So in which case, I should be locating the fretboard so that the two Es are in line with the lowest bridge saddle position, then the rise of the fretboard towards the centre can be dealt with by just raising the individual saddles. 

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