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looking for oversight... yeah it's me again...

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2 minutes ago, Prostheta said:

Ahhhhh....creating a template by moulding epoxy! Very good. Sugru or other "smart meltable plastics" or even two-part car polyester filler like Bondo might be less messy. I'm awful because I get epoxy everywhere. My apologies. I've been really time poor lately because I am training a student at work plus I've found a sister I never knew about. Life is super crazy.

no worries... I didn't exactly explain it and am admittedly a newby here so... was a natural conclusion.  I thought about bondo... but (i think) it is hard to keep it liquid enough to really drip into the seam unless you don't use much hardner - then it will take a long time to harden... that said I may try it next time as it's cheap and I have lots.  Plus that epoxy really sticks to the tape so...

students, sisters... sounds like good things your way -cudos.

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