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Hi Everyone,

The school I work at has a five string Cort electric bass that needs a little work. The top of the fret-board has started to come away from the neck and I'm wondering what to do about it. What kind of glue is the best to use? I have to find something that can be squirted into the small gap between the two pieces so that I can then clamp them back together to set. Any recommendations? Would this method work or would I need to separate the parts and start again? Any ideas?


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Regular PVA (eg, Titebond Original, Elmers Yellow) in a syringe should squeeze into that gap fairly freely. I wouldn't try separating the two parts unless there is evidence that the split extends much further up the neck than your photo shows.

Nut also looks like it's loose and may need re-seating. I'm guessing if you remove the strings it will fall straight off. A couple of dots of PVA under the nut and string pressure should be all that's needed to get it to stay put.

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Is this a composite fingerboard or wooden? If the former, than PVAc might not work. Otherwise, go for it!

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