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Advice on Design and Refurb

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Hello! Newbie here.

Hope you can offer some advice for me here. I am currently in the process of my first refurb of an old worn out Yamaha bass (I've had it for about 6 years and finally starting to get around to re-build it.

As it's my first sort of test project I am after some advice on how to go about it (What the best paints/ primers/ glosses are, and the process etc)

I've currently sanded the body down and thrown the neck (It was battered) and all the electrics were gone so I will buy new ones and fit them in.

Also any inspiration of a colour/ design would be hel;pful too.






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Hi Dan and welcome!

Looks a nice piece of wood.

Quite an open question as to what you could do with it!  Probably best  if we outline the major types of finish and try to home in from there?

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