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Depression and music

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This may seem a rather personal thing to post amongst people who I don't even know, however I would like to know peoples thoughts on this....

At the risk of sounding like I am romanticising, so much of the old material that have wrote , and that I have been happiest with has been born from a certain melancholy. Its been a release when I have been truly 'down'. I don't mean 'sad'...hopefully people can relate to what I mean.  Lately nothing has been inspiring me when I have been writing and its beginning to really worry me...throughout my life its always been a refuge, something that has been a support that keeps me sane....anyone else been through this? Im not hearing emotion when I write! 

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Hmm. Well, we all have our methods of connecting to and processing our emotions, and music is an excellent conduit or language to rationalise them. Equally, other's music and the ideas contained within them are an easy way for us to say, "yes! that's me!". Back when Strapping Young Lad were touring, their gigs were always a special time for us UK fans to let out our inner weirdo, going to metal gigs in dressing gowns, plastering porn on on the monitors and all that fun stuff. Melancholy is not a negative thing, at least in my mind anyway. I lost my musical creativity back in the early 2000s. It's fine, and I'm happy with the other avenues that I create within. Is this what you're experiencing, or am I projecting?

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There's this song that goes "The white man had the schmaltz, the black man had the blues"

I heard the song a million times till one day I read the lyrics. I didn't know what schmaltz was so I looked it up "Overly Sentimental" It has been a common theme in music for a very long time. Think about it, Elton John has "Sad Songs" Neil Diamond has lyrics that go "sing it with a cry in your voice" All the music we hear is sad or angry and if its cheerful there's always a sad element to it

All pop music that I've ever heard is written in a minor key

Many years ago I had this tape. I liked the first song which was quite melancholy but the rest of it was more and more so. I think it was called Baker Street. I found that I had to put myself in a sad mood to enjoy the tape. I was going to listen to it, I paid 7 dollars for it and I was going to get my money's worth

But after I heard it a few times I thought "stuff it" I always feel tired and miserable and lost and lonely after listening to it and its better to throw it away like a pack of cigarettes when you're trying to quit. Quit while you're behind

I don't know what it is but its like we have been programmed to like being miserable

I've heard this thing where Heavy Metal players throw up when they have to play soft rock

Sorry...rant over

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